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Does having a dream where you experience your own death from a first person perspective count as a near death experience?

Asked by ragingloli (48312points) May 21st, 2009

The dream i head involved me getting shot in the head and me lying on the ground with my vision getting darker and then total darkness before i woke up.
Does this show that the brain showed me what i expected to see, just like a regular near death experience?
or does this prove that there is no afterlife?

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It proves that you had a dream. It proves, demonstrates, shows, and exemplifies nothing else.

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Check out the “Otherland” series by Tad Williams. The internet is much more interactive in those books, and people can go on “death trips”.

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Absolutely not. It might be scary but it isn’t anything life threatening. Therefore the body’s response is different. Should you ever have a real near death experience, you’ll know all about the differences.

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No. Dreams are dreams. Near death experiences are when your body or critical organ physically dies or is close to death for a time.

Dreams mean nothing, although they can be handy at times, and lucid dreaming is really fun. I believe dreams are simply your brain sorting out the information it encounters each day. Remember, it’s an old computer, which often sees movies and TV as being real, thus incorporating elements into your dreams.

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I think it counts as a death experience, actually. You did experience dying, and being dead. Be it anything like it would be in the real world or not.

Of course, a dream doesn’t prove anything about what it’s like to be dead. And neither do veritable near death experiences, if the brain continues to work.

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I agree, and that is the key. A “near death experience” is what your mind “visually” creates for you. Be it a dream or being unconches on an operating table or what ever.
Even if you are really “near death” . It is still the subconches at work. If I have lunch on a yacht and dinner in the front seat of my car. I still had a meal. Does not matter which carries more drama with it.

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@Fyrius She didn’t experience dying. She experienced what we see on movies and television every day. That’s where the brain got the information for what it would be like. The only ones who can tell us if what we see on television and movies is at all realistic… well, can’t tell us!

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Nope. I dreamed my death several times. In fact dreaming is an altered state of consciousness. And death or injury does not occur in that state of consciousness.
Even if you believe a near-death experience is just a figment of your imagination, it still occurs on a different plane of consciousness than dreaming. Dreaming requires a certain physical/mental state.

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I wouldnt know if he experienced real death, and i wont until its too late but i wouldnt say it meant anything. I have dreamed something and it came true but id say that happened to anyone. Id just say it meant you have a good imagination.

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@ChazMaz: *subconscious

@MrItty: You have a point. It’s debatable whether in a dream one can really experience death, or only a culturally influenced version of what one would expect it to be like.

Ragingloli is a he, by the way. Don’t let him tell you otherwise.

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…when a light bulb is turned off, does it mean the electrical power source does not exist?

…whether it was a dream or near death experience would only result in an interpretation of that experience…with more knowledge or life experience different conclusions or interpretations on the dream or near death experience may result…some say “row, row, row your boat gently, down the stream. merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream”- i would interpret that as life is what i make it (i am the creator)...others, would and have interpreted it differently…GREAT QUESTION!

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I don’t think it counts as a near-death-experience really. I’ve had something similar though.

I had a dream (in first person) that someone came into my room and stabbed me repeatedly. It was one of the most frightening dreams I’ve ever had, and it seemed very real.

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@Fyrius thanks for the correction – I have a tendency to go by whatever gender is evoked in my mind by the icon….

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