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Do you act wierdly infront of your girlfriend / boyfriend if you are hanging out with your buddies?

Asked by rawrvelerey (9points) May 21st, 2009
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I don’t, personally. My ex did though, and it drove me fucking crazy. I could never understand why. Was he hiding something? If so, from me or his friends? I always got the impression that he felt he could have more fun if it was just him and them, which also drove me nuts. I felt like he held back if I was there, which sucked, because I would have liked to have fun with everyone. He just seemed like a different person around them. I don’t understand the behavior, because the entire point of being with someone is to incorporate them into the multiple facets of your life.

Personal time is still important, so guy/girl nights are perfectly acceptable and understandable. But not when it’s all the time.

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It has to do with maturity. If your friends have girlfriends/boyfriends, it’s not such a big deal, but if you’re the only one dating, then you often get a lot of teasing from friends. Usually people grow out of this…

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No and I’d hate if my partner did that – it’d be a problem
I hate pretense

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