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Where is the activation key for Miss Management stored on my computer?

Asked by chasy (127points) May 22nd, 2009

My husband needs to format our computer tonight to install Windows 7. I bought Miss Management from Yahoo Games a while back. I moved the game folder to our external hard drive (and it still plays) but my husband pointed out that the game works because of an activation key and if the activation key hasn’t been moved, it’ll get deleted when he formats. I can’t find ANYthing on Yahoo’s site about downloading games you’ve already purchased, or where the activation key is, or how to get another activation key if you lose one that you already paid for. HELP!

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Go to the game and go to option, select properties if the ” activation code ” is going to be anywhere it will be there .
Tho if you have an account after the new install log in and see if there is a things you have downloaded and just re download it .
Sadly i have no idea of this site you refer to but it may still work

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