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Would you like to know who gives you lurve in your questions and answers?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) May 22nd, 2009
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Yes, but mainly because I want to know who has maxed out their lurve for me.

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Nah, not really. I would like to know who I am maxed out on, without having to give a GA and refresh.

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Yeah, that’d be cool.

(I’m trying, daloon. I’m trying. ;-)

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It’d be interesting, but all in all, not knowing doesn’t drive me crazy.

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Sure. I think it would be a good thing , but only for the receiver to know, not everybody.

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I already know for the most part through interactions. When you start attaching a name to lurve then people get weird.
If you give someone a lot of lurve and they don’t reciprocate, some people get upset. We don’t need Fluther to become another myspace drama factory.

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@justwannaknow oh, that’d be a good idea.

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Once I found out Allie could see I stopped giving it to her. It just felt strange.

I like the anonymity.

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Yes, really badly lol

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No. The mystery makes it interesting.

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I do not want to know nor would I want others to know I lurved them. (Why does that sound stalkerish?)

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@Dog I’ve wondered if you were a stalker.

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No, not a good idea. It would just make people lurve people instead of good answers even more.

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I don’t care either way.

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I’d be curious to know who I’ve maxed out on and who has maxed out on me.

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No. Don’t wanna know. Like someone else said… Then the lurve will be more for a person rather than a response.

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I just learned about getting maxed out by some people—and it might be kind of fun to know who gave you so much lurve, but I think the downside is greater than that little piece of curiosity. I think the anonymity in giving and getting lurve is a good thing.

It could also be that people can write you to say that they tend to like your comments, and then you would know who they are.

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I’m curious, but don’t actually want to know.

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I think the Lurve Anonymity Factor (LAF) is probably the best idea for reasons already stated. Lurve for your genuine and meaningful efforts in giving a great answer as opposed to Lurve for who you are is what is more important in my eyes.

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Lot of good answers here. Convinced me to change my mind. Keep it secret.

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I was wondering…can you only receive so much lurve from the collective in a day or from one person? I’m confused about that.

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@knitfroggy It’s not a daily limit, or a total lurve from the collective limit, but a limit from any one member. Once I’ve maxed out on lurve for you, (which I may have already) you’ll still get the Great Answer or Great Question, but it won’t increase your points.

And no, I don’t want to know. Even though I can see with my SuperMod powers ~, I don’t pay a bit of attention to it!

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@augustlan Thanks for clearing that up for me! I was curious

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Yes I would like to know… Remember when you could get all the lurve you wanted?

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I’m not going to say I’m not curious, but I think it’s best not to know.

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As soon as everbody is able to tell who is giving whom lurve, Fluther will revert to eighth grade.

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