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What topics have we not paid enough attention to at Fluther?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) May 22nd, 2009

We’ve already killed the topics of religion, drugs, music, sex and money.

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Sports? Science?

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Obviously iPhones aren’t getting enough love!~

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Religion vs Science [sarcasm]

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Chocolate. You can never discuss too much chocolate. I also second @Ivan with science. I wish we discussed more science and not in a “science vs. religion” kind of way. More in a “How will this new brain to twitter invention help patients with neurodegenerative diseases?” etc. We could also do with more math of course.


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Agreed, I enjoyed the recent question about special relativity and time. Matt Browne asks some great questions as well.

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Don’t forget the iPhone – that dead horse has been thoroughly beaten. Ah, drat! I’m redundant again!

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I third science excluding religion.
Also it would rock to discuss biology and even odd but interesting naturally occurring anomalies in the world.

Love @MattBrownes Qs

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Gay marriage.~

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~Does he/she like me?~

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{slaps Dog}

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he he he

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(slaps Dog REALLY hard)

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How to deal with a world full of logic and rational thought, that’s one thing that hasn’t been talked about here.

Other than that, I think most topics have been covered, with a select few topics being covered so many times that the discussion would carry on even if we never mentioned it again, they just have that much momentum.

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The Mayan calendar and 2012.

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Also dick punches. We could explore that topic further.

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@AstroChuck I’m wondering if TaoSan has dick punched anyone lately? He stopped smoking recently.

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This dick punch.. Tell me more.

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I cant understand why we dont discuss anything more secretive and personal since we are never goin to see each other. I would start, but im open and have nothing secret to put on display..

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Gardening, food…funstuff!

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Who is Dick Punch and why does he seem to hang out with JP?~

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Religion, marijuana, gay marriage, iPhone, high school crap.~

I quite enjoy the discussions where we’re actually giving legitimate advice about a serious personal situation. Like this thread, or this one, or this one. Then there are just the fun/interesting discussions like these: A, B, C.

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We could always talk more about pancakes since they have such special meaning here on Fluther.

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