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Is religion just a comfort blanket for lost souls?

Asked by Bobbydavid (837points) May 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

I only see it leading to wars, century old disbutes but why do people have faith in something that causes this?

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I see religion as a big gang.

Being spiritual and being religious are two different things to me.

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lol this should turn out to be a fun question. And by fun i mean pointless arguing for days.

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I hope so, should stir a few emotions too

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I see it more as a comforting answer to tough questions.

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I can’t imagine very many people answering yes to this question. I’m a very strong-minded atheist and even I see the value and merit in religion aside from being nothing but a “comfort blanket”. It offers a lot more to people than that, even though it does have the ability to provide an enormous amount of comfort for a “lost soul”.

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More like a raincoat.

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“Some cling to a cross because they’re tired and lost”
some wise words by atmosphere.

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when you’ve hit rock bottom, religion has it’s appeal

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Well, Christ did say that He came to seek and to save those who were lost, so….

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“Religion” is like a barbecue with no coals. It has a lot of framework.. but it’s useless without a God-provided fire.

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Religion offers one interpretation of the universe. It can also offer social guidance.

Einstein once said something like that:

‘Science has brought forth the danger of the atomic bomb, but the real problem is in the hearts and minds of men.’

If there’s something wrong with the hearts and minds of men, religion can be distorted into political ideologies. You only see religion leading to wars, maybe you should start looking at the root causes.

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