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What is your opinion of e-learning and why would you use it over traditional learning methods?

Asked by Strong (103points) May 22nd, 2009
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Taking classes online, I imagine.

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Cuz you can do it anytime you want without dealing with the kids at actual schools who want to talk about how drunk they got last night and how many people they dont remember they banged! Yay for e learning!
Actually i dislike it, but i dislike said kids more.

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It would depend on your individual learning style. I need human interaction to learn, so it’s not suitable for me.

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I take online classes. I like it because I can do my school work on my time and not listen to a professor tell me something I could have just read in the text. Also, I don’t have to worry about my school schedule conflicting with my work schedule. And I can go to class in my PJ’s with no makeup.

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I currently use a lot of elearning courses to help me get my Micro$oft and Cisco certifications. As a learning aide, I find them to be invaluable. I however do not believe they are a replacement for standard education.

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My answer looks pretty stupid now that you’ve edited the question.

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E-learning is all about convenience. If you have a full time job then e-learning is a good way to go. I think you get a better quality of learning at a university however.

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@Ivan I was wondering about that ;)

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@Ivan contact the mods and ask them to remove it if you want.

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I tried it, not for me. Not good for people likeme who are lazy.

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I still like to have a book to flip through but I would much prefer online classes to normal ones.

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