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How do you get a browser on your computer?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) February 18th, 2010

We have a computer that had to have XP reinstalled on it. It has no other software. If you can’t hook up to the internet to get a browser, and you don’t have a browser on a disk somewhere, what do you do?

Could some other software disk lying around have a browser on it? If so, which ones? Could we download the software to another computer and put it on a disk and install it that way?

Also, we have no installation disks because the computer didn’t come with any and said they weren’t necessary because the necessary files were on the computer (hah!). Will we need to find drivers for the network and wireless hardware or does XP have that covered?

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I would load the installation file for whatever browser you want from a computer that has access to the internet onto a thumb drive and put it on that other computer.

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Shouldn’t XP come with Internet Explorer?

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Well, if you have XP, you have internet explorer. There’s no way to uninstall IE. You can always access it by windows key + R. In that Run prompt, put iexplore.
Bold is fun.

If you have no internet access, though, no browser is going to help you get internet access. You could have a friend get you a disc or thumbdrive with your preferred browser on it.

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@augustlan & @Sarcasm Are right, I didn’t think about IE coming pre-installed with their OS. Although, you will want to use Firefox instead (personal opinion). And @Sarcasm Bring a good point about it not being able to access the internet, why would you want a browser?

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I’m thinking he’s saying that without a browser he can’t access the internet. But, IE should be there… you just have to look for it. Plus, I agree with @erichw1504, as soon as you can, download Firefox.

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Your first mistake: not getting any disks. You always need the disks. Unless your computer is blessed by all the Gods in existence it will crash at some point, and it is then when you will need those installation disks. But that’s besides the point right now, I guess.

What you can do is download the setup file for a browser like Firefox from another computer, put it on a CD or flash drive, and copy it over to the computer in question. That should work.

If you can’t find Internet Explorer, on the other hand, you have a much bigger problem.

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The tech guy said the same as you—XP comes with IE. He also said it should come with all the drivers I need.

The computer packaging materials specifically said we didn’t need disks, @ParaParaYukiko. It said the recovery program was on the hard drive. I believe it said that you can’t get the disks to install the operating system. That’s Dell for you, I guess.

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Use another computer to download a complete OEM distro of XP from Dell, use your current license when you install it. You’ll have to burn it to disc as an image file. Since you have a legitimate license, you could also download an XP disc image from a torrent tracker, and instead of using their phony verification method, use your license.

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Why not just download a browser on another computer and move the install file to a thumbdrive? That’s what I’d recommend, instead of going through all the bells and whistles of reinstalling XP.

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@dverhey Because if IE is really missing, other necessary parts of the OS are missing ipso facto.

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You can also use the address bar on a folder window the same way that you do a browser. Supposedly, this isn’t the best for your computer, but it’ll do.

You can also install PortableApp versions of Firefox and Opera on a flash drive.

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I’m no expert, but Google Chrome appears to be downloadable from the we- oh wait nevermind

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Just use a portable Browser. I recently reinstalled XP and had the same problem. Assuming your internet driver is working just go on another computer to Portable Apps and pick either Chrome or Firefox. Then put those onto a USB drive and stick that in your computer.

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@dpworkin Yes, you’re probably right about that. I would love it if IE just disappeared off my computer, though.

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on my other laptop, it was a DELL. and we did a system reinstall, but the problem was, it didn’t come with the drivers ( it was a built in recovery partition) so maybe, if you have a clean CD-R or DVD disc you can go to the dell website, look up your computer and download the drivers yourself, burn it on the disc and put it in your computer and install it?

you can download IE too, (but you shouldn’t. download chrome instead!) and download it in a disc too and just install it on the computer that needs the browser…..

if that what you mean…......

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I think the implication here is that IE is not a browser. :P

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