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Iphone or blackberry? tell me what to do.

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) May 22nd, 2009

I use my phone mainly for texting, reminders, and interwebz. Which one wins?

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iPhone wins.

Blackberry has some good stuff going for it. I’ve used both and I like the iPhone better.
I don’t like the Blackberry Storm. I just doesn’t feel right. I give it an honorable mention, but they were clearly aiming to compete with the iPhone but only succeed in making a device that Verizon users are “settling” for.

The Blackberry Bold is the best Blackberry available but the problem with that is a high price tag and you’re stuck with AT&T. No Verizon coverage for the Blackberry Bold.

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iPhone, unless work is paying for it. The iPhone is a paradigm shift, and life for those with an IPhone is becoming markedly different than those without.

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I have a Blackberry 8330 (curve) and I love it for texting, emails and schedules/reminders. I chose the Blackberry as it was available through my provider (Verizon) and it has real buttons. I don’t think I could love an iPhone or Blackberry Storm for lack of buttons.

My Curve does have decent web access, but from what I’ve seen on friends’ iPhones, their access to the web is better as far as the size of the screen and navigation goes. Still, to me, the Blackberry is the best choice since mobile web is secondary to texting for my use.

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It’s really personal opinion. If you have friends that have them, ask if you can toy around with them for a bit.

I have a blackberry and I <3 it.

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When my contract ended a month ago for my Blackberry, I got an iPhone at a good discount. I absolutely love it. More apps! And I use them, too. It’s been a useful tool for me in so many ways.

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iphone..any day..any time….
i have been using the iphone for about 5 months now and its a smash…will all the applications that are available u can do wonders with it…eg. with a wifi connection in my house i can control itunes playback on my computer from my iphone remotely..i check 4 mail accounts in under 2 min..

its a solid investment and the returns just keep adding…
plus with the new iphone os 3.0 coming out in summer all the previous drawbacks have been totally done away with.

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iphone..much better..though I have an older Blackberry curve..just waiting for the contract to general, biased me just loves Apple products..this having been discussed on various threads.

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I love my iPhone.
Have never had a blackberry so I can’t comment on that. But, I just love my iPhone! I use it for everything and love all the apps.
Did I mention, I just LOVE my iPhone!!

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iPhone for sure—though I did like my blackberry curve. The iPhone will be even better for typing when the new OS 3.0

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I have a Blackberry and love it but keep pondering an iPhone. My biggest hang up on the iPhone is no MMS texting and the on screen keyboard. I can’t stand having smudges on my phone so the idea of typing on the screen seems like it would drive me batty. I’ve heard others say they find the onscreen hard to use and prefer actual keys.

The Blackberry has plenty of great Apps as well.

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Got the Curve 3900. Love it. EXCEPT…I can only add email that’s some Blackberry Enterprise Server something something? Which means I can’t directly email photos to my iphone friends, I have to email them to myself through the gmail app and then from there. Ughhhh, I have so many mullets to send….

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*but I will get an iphone when it’s time to upgrade. I am an enigma.

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