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What's with Yahoo Answers?

Asked by essieness (7693points) May 22nd, 2009

Why is there so much stupid going on over there? Bad modding? Is the sheer quantity of people increasing the odds of running into more stupid people? What gives?

I just signed up to get in on the fun, and here’s one of the first things I stumbled upon. Really? Really?!

And the hits just keep on coming.

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@Fresh Hay is for horses. Are you from Yahoo Answers?

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About a year ago, Yahoo changed the system from human moderators to an automated system. There has been a recent surge in programming changes to try to fix some of the glitches that popped up over the year since the Y!AT was transferred to the UK.

Most of the original makers have gone on to other jobs, and no one who is left knows how to make the changes necessary to keep the glitches out, so they are “reinventing the wheel” so to speak.

I have been a user with Y!A ever since the Beta days, and have served on several invitational only focus groups within the user base. I suspect (speculation only here) that Yahoo is getting ready to sell off the Y!A unit, as an income producing product, so you are liable to see just about anything going on.

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Hmmm it reminds me of something but I just cannot place it…

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You don’t think this is weird?

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What was wrong with that question?

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@YARNLADY At least the spelling is good!

Edit: My Addison’s brain fog today kept me from spotting that “personally” is misspelled. Heading over to Yahoo now…

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@essieness, I’m sensing your tolerance threshold for stupidity has been lowered by your tenure on Fluther?

@YARNLADY, I believe that comes under the heading of “Stupid Human Tricks” or things you do when you’re too drunk or too bored to do otherwise.

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@PandoraBoxx My stupidity threshold has always been extremely low!

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I know, but hanging out here has raised your expectations. I struggled with how I worded that; it’s like a double negative.

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I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned yet.

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@PandoraBoxx Welcome to fluther!

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@essieness I saw your response!

I think because it has always been bad, and people are too lazy to fix it.

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Well, Yahoo! does have an exclamation point in its name, so what should we expect?

Recently there was a front page news story on Yahoo! about the “discovery of prehistoric porn – you have to see this!” which was a fertility tiki. It’s just another moronic entertainment engine, I guess.

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I haven’t been on there in ages! I was on there when it was in Beta, and got to “Level 7” pretty quickly. It was my first internet “addiction”. Once the Beta phase was over and the general public started joining en masse with numerous, repetitive questions like, “Am I pregnant?” and “Does he like me?” I got tired of answering, “how the hell do you expect complete strangers to know on the internet to know?” Sigh.

Here on Fluther, we do get repetition of questions, and some very easily Googled or unanswerable questions from time to time; but I am pleased with the way the Fluther Creators and Moderators have allowed this site to evolve. I do notice that some don’t like the moderation system here, but I have not been through it, so I can not personally comment on the back end. But it looks like it works fairly well to me.

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I agree with you. The mods have pissed me off on more than one occasion but they seem to keep a very precarious balance, without which this site could easily spin off into total chaos and flame wars.

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Oh ya. I used to go there before I came here. Now I rarely go there.
There is very very poor modding. And some very ignorant racist remarks that are made all the time. Not only that but the answers are often quite dangerous. One woman asked a question about being ‘date raped’. Every single answer (about 20 of them) said one of the following: she deserved it, date rape is not rape, or for her to get over it.

I also agree with the consensus about the annoying amount of repeat questions.

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Yahoo answers is great. I learned how babby was formed. Did you know they need to do way instain mother who kill their babby?

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I hate yahoo answers. You cant really clarify your question if fail to get the point across the first time. People who don’t understand the question or are just a bunch of jerks will insult you and you. Worst of all you can interact with the answers or anything. In my opinion Yahoo Answers is garbage.

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@Mikelbf2000 I’m assuming you meant to type can’t rather than can interact.

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@YARNLADY LOL yup. I’m the typo master. I’m the worst typer in the world.

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