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A cheap, no-frills, just lots of minutes cellphone plan?

Asked by beccalynnx (459points) May 23rd, 2009

i’m looking for a good cell phone plan, with just the basics. i’ve been looking all over, but haven’t really found anything right. i don’t need texting or email or photos or anything snazzy like that. just 800+ minutes a month for cheap. most of my calls will be to other cellphones in the area. i don’t travel out of my city very often, so i’m not too concerned about roaming charges either. free nights and weekends would be nice, since maybe half of my calls will be during that time. any suggestions? i’m hoping i can find something for under $50 a month. also, i live in west Michigan.

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Do you have alltel in that area? That is what I use and I love it. I get “My Circle” numbers where I can call 10 different people on different networks and it doesn’t use my minutes and it also come with free mobile to mobile and free nights and weekends. I don’t know if alltel is in that area or if it is strictly midwest though. We have two lines and both have about $10 of extras a month and our bill is usually around $93.

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yeah. that’s actually what i have right now. i’m on that family plan thing under my parent’s plan, but they’re taking me off soon. for the four of us, the plan is usually only 110 dollars a month too, but i have no idea what an individual plan will be for me. altell hasn’t been too helpful either. i already talked with them and it wasn’t really getting me anywhere. thanks, though.

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If you lived in Canada, Fido has the perfect plan for you. It’s called FULL FIDO with 2000 minutes and unlimited texting for 40$ a month no system access fee and billed by the minute. too bad :(

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Well, if most people you will be talking to are on alltel-go with alltel prepaid-you can choose two services for 75 cents a day. My cousin uses it and he loves it. Most people around here use alltel so he just got prepaid and has free mobile to mobile and unlimited texting for 75 cents a day.

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