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What's a cheap and realiable phone service?

Asked by mayratapia_ (368points) September 27th, 2010 from iPhone

I have finally found a semi-stable job and I really need a phone. I earn minimum wage so I can’t really afford too much. I’m looking for the cheapest, most reliable individual plan with unlimited talk &text. I would prefer a No Contract service, with no strings attached, almost like Cricket only better reception. Thanks.

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*Also, are the Sprint add-ons really only just 30 dollars/month for unlimited talk, text, web, and apps? Or is there any additional fees?

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Verizon Wireless currently is charging about $90 a month for Unlimited Text and Talk.

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I third Verizon.

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I use WalMart’s Straight Talk. $30 a month – prepaid, no contracts – for 1000 minutes and 1000 texts, and 30 MB of data if you get a phone that does that. for $45 it’s unlimited everything. And they use Verizon’s towers.

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Depending on where your location is in the country I would say strait talk, which is a division of sprint. They have an unlimited plan for 40.00 dollars a month and it includes unlimited talk, text, picture messaging, and web access. Their phones are also very responsive and durable. They do not lag like some other phone companies do. They also get very good service for the most part.

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^ Straight Talk is a division of Tracphone, which is owned by Verizon. As mentioned in my earlier post, unlimited is $45 a month.

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If you’re usually in a place where you have WiFi reception, GoogleVoice would work well. It’s free in 2010 for calls anywhere in the US and Canada. It’s a little hard to carry a computer around all the time to make phone calls, but if you have an iPod touch or something similar you can at least get transcriptions of voicemails and email notifications of missed calls emailed to you, and then you can email them or call them back when you get home/get back to your computer. There are also free apps you can get for the iPod touch that give you free texting anywhere you can get WiFi.

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Adding to @Aqua‘s suggestion, making calls from an iPod touch with Google voice is coming soon.

Google Voice App for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Return to the App Store

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The problem is that whole “unlimited talk and text” requirement.

For me, I don’t use my phone that often and very rarely text. I have a pre-paid service called tracfone that costs me aroud $8.00 per month. I purchase a $20 card once every 3 months that gives me an hour of talk time and 3 months of service. Minutes roll over so over time as long as I don’t go over my minutes they start to build up.

In the several years I have been using this service I have only had to purchase extra minutes on two occasions, both due to unusual events that required extensive communication while I have been out of town.

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