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What are your three favorite words?

Asked by Grisaille (12025points) May 23rd, 2009

How does they speak to you?

Are they mysterious, leaving a taste of wonder?

Do they give you sadness, despair?

Do they make you think about the happier days in your life?

What are they, collective? Why?

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“I love you”. They make me feel everything.

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@DrasticDreamer Just a matter of time before I received that response, I suppose.

Might as well have been the first answer. Good for you, my lady.

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@Grisaille For people to truly mean it, it’s just so goddamn rare… You know? So yeah, it’s special when you know someone means it.

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@DrasticDreamer hell, it’s been a while… but the memory still remains. And yes – you are correct. They mean everything.

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evisceration: It feels good in my mouth and has the added bonus of creeping people the hell out.

fuck: Extremely versatile and still powerful when used by the right person in the right situation.

why: Because whether the person is asking “Why?” or “Why not?” it opens up the lines of communication and allows debate and teaching/learning.

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Dude- I just love it
Nah- My sister taught me how to use it right
Love- it’s emotional

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Live, love, laugh

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Essentially: Just helps you to round everything up, yeah?
Well: Helps you to add another angle to a conversation, without sounding impolite. While at the same time being an underground source of water!
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Random word to be inserted into any conversation to add a certain merriness to the situation (to be rarely though, else you’ll wear it out)

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@Saturated_Brain Do you mean…fragilistic? ‘Cause you put gragilistic. ;)

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Oh crap. You’re right. I’ll edit. Thanks for pointing that out!

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“That your kid?”

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Please SIT DOWN! I drive a school bus for a bunch little felons.

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Triple Sec
Lime Juice

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“I’m tired, Mommy.” No explanation necessary.

Seriously, I am fascinated by words. The way they roll off the tongue and the feelings they inspire.

Melancholy – I like the way it sounds and it is the best description of the most common feeling of my life. Depressed is too strong for an ordinary day. I feel like I should be in a Jane Austin novel.

Precocious – I think it is a delightful description of children when said without the somewhat negative connotation it has developed.

Succulent – It’s delicious with a bit of sex appeal.

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Do that again?

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Thanks—it conveys honest tribute.
Hello….I acknowledge you even in this crazy world. challenges me to think, and help.
Caveat..the words must be sincere and presented with a smile in their deliverance.

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@Supacase: I almost included “melancholy” for exactly the same reasons.

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I usually find myself telling someone that who has just pissed me off

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Labyrinth and Lucid are beautiful words to say
Shit is fun to say

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@knitfroggy Lurve for “lucid”. It is a beautiful word.

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Golgi body
Endoplasmic reticulum

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These are all great fun to say and simply express their meanings with no doubt. They can’t be confused for something else.

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They are good choices Darwin, I like saying them all and just have, out loud. The customers shopping in the store are looking at me strangely but I don’t really care!!!

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I’m going to try to work indubitably into a conversation today. It kinda rolls off the tongue

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@DrasticDreamer took my answer once again, however.. I have three others.

dum spiro spero

It means, “while I breathe, I hope.”

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there are alot of words that i can consider my favorite, but heres what i can think of this moment…

placid – meaning calm; its just feels good to say
reason – it answers the question why? its as close as anyone could ever know the truth
sine qua non – aside from pleasant to hear and say, the word means prerequisite, without it another thing won’t be achieved.

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@chelseababyy that’s SC’s state motto! Are you from there?

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@kikibirdjones Nope. I’m a Jersey girl who now resides in Denver.

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Plethora is a good word. I like it almost as much as indubitably.

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I love plethora…when I was in high school my good friend and I bought some colors and markers, glitter and color books, all kinds of art supplies. We put the stuff in a tackle box and called it our Plethora O’ Fun. If we were bored we’d get out the Pleth and draw pictures and color, etc. There isn’t a lot to do in this town when you’re 16 years old! We thought our Plethora O’ Fun was hysterical and quiet cool.

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