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The new commercial for White Castle - does it repulse you like it does me?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) May 24th, 2009

The one where the pig is on stage doing the sexy (?) dance from Flashdance?? It’s to sell their new pulled pork sandwhiches but I think they blew it this time.

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Pigs kind of creep me out regardless. Although I do love a good pulled pork sandwich. Except that White Castle wouldn’t be my choice for one.

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White Castle creeps me out regardless.

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Could it be any worse than the Burger King square butts commercial?

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I never heard of a pulled pork sandwich so I googled it and wow that sounds good. Did you ever try it with chicken or beef? For some reason we don’t eat much pork.

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you haven’t lived until you’ve had a real American (texas, carolina, tenessee-the verdict is still out) barbecue pulled pork sandwich..slow cooked all day has to be pork..nothing else compares

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better still…do an American Barbecue tour starting in the south and heading west and stop at these little road houses along the way-dry rub, wet rub…it doesn’t get any better..when you get to texas u can get a steak the size of your car. :)

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Wow it is late in the afternoon and you are making me hungrier by the minute, I wonder if you could Fed-ex me a couple for supper please!

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