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Why does my kitty grass always die a horrible death?

Asked by andrew (16346points) May 24th, 2009

I’ve tried watering every day, putting in sunlight… but it just goes limp and dies. Has anyone successfully cared for this?

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By “kitty grass” are you referring to the digestif or the ‘nip?

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Seriously. Every plant I’ve ever had has died.

Reminds me of a Demetri Martin Joke:

“You know, a while back, I friend gave me a cactus. And after a few days… it died.

“I thought to myself, ‘Damn. I am less nourishing than a desert.’”

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@PandoraBoxx The wheatgrass-like plant that cats nibble on, not catnip.

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Do you mean kitty grass as in barley grass? Oh I see you do.

Are you buying from seed or one of those plastic containers of ready-grown stuff by the register? I have noticed that the ready-grown stuff often hasn’t any soil in the pot. The seeds are sprouted in some sort of medium. It always dies in a week or so (but that’s ok since Ike prefers chewing on the dead grass, anyway). I have been able to keep some for longer by buying actual barley (or oat) grass seed and sprouting in soil myself.

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AHhhh yes. Of course!

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I’ve grown barley grass in the clear plastic containers strawberries come in. The containers have drainage holes, and you can keep the lid on to create a greenhouse effect until the grass sprouts. Then take it off. Real soil works better than the growing medium, which is usually mostly peat moss, which doesn’t retain moisture very well.

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I have never heard of kitty grass and was pretty much afraid to read this post.

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Also be sure not to over water it, that can kill it just as fast as under watering it.

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I’m sorry. Irrelevant here but for a moment I thought you were asking why your cute little kitten always died a horrible death. Jigsaw came to mind.

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Are you having hairball issues? Pumpkin puree is good for that (not pie filling). Freeze portions in an ice cube tray and add to food.

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Andrew, I think it might just be that you have a way with plants, a bad way. ;-)

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