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Should dark blue really be the background colour for this website?

Asked by Saturated_Brain (5235points) May 25th, 2009

Blue is a really nice colour. I love the layout of this website. And I love the way this website works. But this shade of dark blue kinda sucks me into the screen and makes me think of the deep blue lonely ocean. I mean.. I know that we’re also trying to emulate the sea because of the fluther of jellyfish thingy. But why not use a shade something like the blue in coral reefs (think Finding Nemo)?

Of course, it may just be me, but the dark blue colour depresses me somewhat.

I’m not trying to be an upstart here, but it just strikes me as someone new to this site.

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The jelly in me finds a soothing comfort in the homey blue which makes our tentacles glow.

Welcome to Fluther- you too will soon feel that the blue is your home.

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I personally like it. It’s not distracting, and it flows with the orange. And goes with the whole fluther theme.

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I agree with casheroo, you don’t want the background to be distracting, the focus in on the body of the page, not the sides.

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Dark Blue?!?! Boy, I hate being color-blind…wtf

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Yes, I do think it should be the dark blue. It recedes into the background, provides a proper counterbalance to the light blue and white on the inside, is the perfect contrast to orange, and the symbolism of blue with jellyfish is quite nice.

I’m not sure of the exact blue you mention, next time it would be appreciated if you add a link to a picture of it so that we can be more precise in our discussions.

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Link requested for what kind of blue? Link provided!

Of course, it’s not exactly that, but somewhere there.

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The background is a dark blue-green on my iPhone and desktop computers, and that is one of my favorite colors, so I like it. :-)

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Thanks for the reference link, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t proposing the ocean color, and to see the actual shade you imagine.

Your color is much more on the purple side of the spectrum. In fact, that purple is really great in that shot because it’s almost a combination of Nemo and Dory’s colors, and helps to cool down the scene as well as frame the two fish. It too recedes despite being in the foreground of the shot.

However the amount of purple in it would not go together with the orange in the same way that this dark blue does. The orange and blue used on this site are very close to 100% opposite on the color wheel, this is why contrast is so effective in visual design. Thus the orange would have to be modified to counter that purple, if my color theory is correct it would be made more yellow to be fully contrasting with the purpleish blue. If you kept the orange the same, you would reduce the amount of contrast. Also, the rest of the blue in the site would make more sense being purplish to match, and thus would not make much sense as a part of the undersea analogy.

Of course, this is all just my opinion based on my knowledge of color theory, and I of course mean no offense, but figured you may be interested in my rationale.

For what it’s worth, if you REALLY wanted to change it for yourself, as long as you use Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension, you could probably change it.

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I’ve never really paid any attention to the color. It is there, it doesn’t distract me, and it seems to work. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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I am with WTF. Mine is not dark blue, it is white or grayish.

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Mine is more of a light blue/green, with a thin navy blue stripe down each side. I find it very soothing.

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Mine is green with a hint of blue. I see no dark blue. Am I color-blind, or is it just the different monitors processing the colors in different ways?

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Dark blue? Where?

Mine is more like @augustlan ‘s screen, but the strips down the side look rather charcoal gray. The strips are a touch lighter at the top and there seem to be some jellyfish-shaped blobs there, but otherwise it is most unobtrusive.

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The background is hex code #112738
Which has an RGB breakdown of 17, 39, 56

I’d call it a very dark blue green.

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@fireside: Thanks for the verification, because that’s what I see! I beleve that the text of our responses is a similar hue… am I right?

It seems that there is some confusion… the ‘background’ is what is behind the white and seafoam area that contains the content of the page. The bar at the top of the page that says: “Question” is about the same color.

When on a desktop, you can open your browser window to full screen, and you will see more of it. I am on my iPhone most of the time while Fluthering, so I only see the strips down the side; but from my recollections, there is a swirly/wavy pattern in the dark blue-green.

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@hearkat – The font color for the quips is #506776
With and RGB breakdown of 80, 103, 118

That’s basically moving towards the white along a negative 45 degree angle.
I would call that more of a light charcoal blue gray.

It’s the same color as the lurve points but not bold. I would say it looks like the same color but with transparency.

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@fireside: so it is a lighter version of the same color? Thanks! I won’t even ask how you determine such things, because I can’t imagine why I’d ever need to use it; but I think it’s cool that it can be done, and appreciate that you’ve done it for our benefit.

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@hearkat – It’s got about 4x as much red, around 3x as much green and approximately 2x as much blue, plus it is lighter.

I use Firefox and an add-on called Firebug which shows the html code used to display the various page elements. Love that browser option!

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Haha well.. Thanks guys. I got a lot more info than I bargained for. Some over the top of my head in fact…

Kk I need to interact with the people on this site more. Need to have the brain juices flowing my way. =P

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I just noticed there is a Paisely style pattern near the top. I wonder what Bendrew was smoking when he thought of that?

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I swear, it’s bluer today for me than it was yesterday. Not even kidding.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra: I knew there was some sort of pattern, but can’t see it on my iPhone. Thanks!

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@all, @Saturated_Brain is talking about the textured wallpaper we use as the back-background, which you can see if you stretch out your screen wide—sorry you with small monitors.

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I see a stripe of the textured wallpaper, and that’s it.

Thanks for clarifying, @andrew! : )

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