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What acts of courage have you witnessed in your life?

Asked by dannyc (5223points) May 25th, 2009

As I was reading a bit about some of the achievements and bravery of soldiers on this day, I wondered if anyone had seen it in their own life. Or for any soldiers, if they may share a story of the bravery they have seen that may have gone unheralded, I would consider it a special privilege.

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I’ve seen a ton of bravery and courage .. but not in the sense you might think.

I’ve seen husbands and wives courageous enough to weather yet another deployment.. away from their family, their friends.. missing the births of their children. Missing birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

I’ve seen soldiers lose their husbands/wives to other people because of the separation and still press on and complete the mission despite immense personal grief.

I’ve seen soldiers with enough personal courage to say “I don’t drink” or “I don’t smoke” or “Sorry, I’m’ll have to find someone else”.

So while acts of bravery on the battlefield are certainly noteworthy, it is these acts off the battlefield that inspire me on a day to day basis.

To those with this specific kind of personal courage, I thank you. Your courage does not pass by unnoticed.

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George W Bush served two terms. Couragage? Stupidity! Arrogance? Hmmmmmmmm

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My grandfather was one of 5 men who survived out of over two hundred in a group he went to Europe with in WWII, two of the other 4 men credited him to their own survival.

Just yesterday, a propane tank caught fire where I worked and spread to two other tanks. Most of us were gawking or moving away but one of my co workers broke the glass on a fire extinguisher and ran right up to the blaze to put it out. Running towards flaming tanks is not good but he was thinking of the rest of us.

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I grew up in a volunteer firefighter family. Nearly every family dinner was interrupted by the men in our family being called to courage. Running into a fire instead of away from it, and for no pay!

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