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Why does my blowdryer try to ignite my hair?

Asked by electricsky (825points) May 26th, 2009

I got a new ceramic blowdryer, and when I put it on high and hot (no other settings like low/hot high/warm, etc. seem to cause this problem) it’ll suddenly make a clicking noise and a little white spark will come out. Scares the hell out of me every time. Why does it do this?

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take it back… its dangerous..

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At first, I was thinking the air intake on the back was clogged but then you mentioned the spark. Return it – immediately. Also tell the manufacturer by calling the 800 number or going to their website. By reporting it, you might be saving other people.

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That’s not right. Take it back.

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Sounds as if it has a short. As others have said, take it back to the store, and/or notify the company.

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