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Who played Gretel in the Sound of Music?

Asked by Sunybunny (119points) May 27th, 2009

I googled it and couldn’t find anything! It seems like this question should be answered fairly easily but I can’t! I am crazy about The Sound of Music and really need an answer!

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^^^^IMDb – FTW^^^^

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Her name is Kym Karath.

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I’ve just forgot to mention hereabove that Kym Karath is of a greek origin, since her parents they are both greeks! His father family name it was “Karathanasis” until he made it more american and it turned it to “Karath”.
This it makes me somewhat proud myself too, since I am an hellenas (greek).
Eneryone who wants to see her pictures like she is today, then follow this link:

for more info about the movie and Kym Karath biography simply go here:

Be blessed!

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