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What's the best super power for a person to have?

Asked by brettvdb (1192points) May 27th, 2009
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What kind of superpower could anyone have without stopping to be a normal person?

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i think that is pretty subjective, especially since “normal” is a quite broad group.
I’d prefer “psychomolecularsynthesis”

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Okay I edited the question – now it’s more along the lines of what I meant!

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The midas touch ?

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@Staalesen i think there was a disney cartoon that illustrated why that isn’t a good idea

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The ability to fly.

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@ragingloli Yes I, merry melodies I think.. I have it on an old VHS tape around here somewhere…

MAybe selective midas touch?
ANd flying without invounerability ? It is pretty cold and lower oxygen high up… And boch one landing and you´r paralyzed for life….

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Well I know this is kinda pushing the answer but I would either want to be a wizard…. Or teleconises..(sp)?

But yea

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I would love to have the ability to bend the space/time continuum.

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Bend space/time continuum PLUS the ability to control the weather. Hoo yeah!

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teleportation. Or, even better a way to split into several perfectly same “me“s.
(I always wish I could be in two or more places at once)

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The ability to turn water into beer, not much of a wine person

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Invisibility at will.

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Telekenesis. I want a power that’s useful in my everyday life

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I guess it really depends on the personality of the user. I would like either Super Speed or Invisibility. Super Speed could be a lot of fun. If you haven’t already, watch Push when it comes out. It’s quite good.

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id like to talk to animals. the information would be priceless.

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dont know about super powers but a think a “super man would do..
u get so much for the price of one
super strength
super speed
super eye eye sight
..evry thing super..
P.S. i know this is stretching the answer. :)

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definitely invisibility. think of the possibilities. the difficulty of course would be resisting the urges to use it for nefarious purposes (ie – shoplifting, snooping, spying, pushing your ex’s new spouse down the escalator….stuff like that….)

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I’d be happy with eternal youth. That is to say, physically staying the way I am now, my body not deteriorating and eventually collapsing.

I have so many things I want to do, so many books to read, languages to learn, martial arts to master, sciences to study, people on the internet to enter pointless disputes with.

I wouldn’t want to be immortal, though – if I ever get tired of life, I’d prefer to be able to stop.

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The power to read minds

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After reading some responses I think time travel would be awesome, and maybe the ability to morph (Animorphs anyone?)

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The power of forgiveness.

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Shape shifting or morphing into other people, animals, or objects.

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@Fyrius I think you’d really love the movie called “The Man From Earth” (I think that’s its name). It speaks directly to your answer – DEFINITELY check it out!!!

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reading minds, my friend!
literally i was going to ask this question
not fair!
you’re wicked : )))))
my question got deleted
damn it
i’d prefer reading minds
so next time
i won’t ask a question that someone asked first
: )

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The power to Rock & Roll all night and party everyday.

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Psychic Powers!

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@redstripe11 Awww, you’re taking all the fun out of it.

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@knitfroggy Haha yeap! And X-Men too. =P

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@Supacase I’m not taking all the fun out of it. I’m sure the peeping toms out there enjoyed my answer!

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Brain liquefying mind ray.

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The abilty to cause instant orgasms by clapping your hands.

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The ability to freeze time around me or ‘save state’ like in ROMs where you can just save check points in life and revert back to them

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^ This.

And provided that when loading a saved state you will retain knowledge of what you did since that point in the timeline you’ve just abandoned, which I would say is a crucial requirement for it to be useful at all, this superpower means you can read whole libraries in one day. As soon as the sun starts setting and your body starts feeling tired, you just load the quick save you made that morning and continue reading where you left.

Of course, if loading a save state returns your body to the way it was, that would mean your memories are gone too, since they’re stored in the brain. And so you’d probably end up in an infinite loop where you do the exact same actions as the first time and then load the save state again.
But I’ve been told that I risk making god kill a catgirl if I elaborate on that.

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looks that can kill, or at least stop traffic.

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