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Why is it so important that everyone conform to political correctness.

Asked by justwannaknow (1369points) May 27th, 2009

It appears that when someone does not chose to agree or go along with what some believe to be politically correct, they get jumped on. Are we not allowed to have our own opinions and beliefs without being chastised?

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You mean like calling someone a redneck?

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It’s not so much as being politically correct as not being intentionally, directly, personally offensive. and we’re all hypocrites at some point but not all make it their prime motivation… unless there’s money involved

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Because, to some of us, political correctness is much more important than you think it is – it is about recognition of what’s generally been ignored and invalidated and it’s not about whether things are PC or non PC but about how they should be

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Ivan, don’t start no shit and there will be none!

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Simone_De_Beauvoir, (but about how they should be) Does that mean people do not a right to thier own beleifs and opinions, That they MUST conform to your way?

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What are you talking about? You stated in an earlier thread that you don’t think we should be able to call someone a redneck, and now you’re harping on us because we don’t like it when you spout insensitive slurs.

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What exactly is the point of this thread? Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs; but not everyone wants to hear about it. Take your petty arguments off the front page and PM if you have an issue to take up with someone.

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Ivan I also said that it was my opinion and now you are trying to again start and arguement which I will not have with you again. Sorry. I also do not know what you are talking about when you stated“you spout insensitive slurs.”

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America is one of those countries where you have the right to speak your mind and go against the flow and not be politically correct. Some of those rights are granted to you under the First Amendment to the Constitution.

I think, though, if someone wants to make a certain or proper impression or not draw unwanted attention to themself, they will use good judgement when and where they choose to be politically correct. It’s probably different for everyone and I don’t think it is automatically important for everyone to ‘have to’ conform to political correctness.

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@justwannaknow: You have the right to think any damnfool thing you want to think, and to say any damnfool thing you want to say. However, people will judge you according to what you say. You are responsible for your words. That’s what freedom of speech means.

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@cwilbur. Congrats on 10k lurve.

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Bluefreedom I like your answer.
cwilbur I even like your answer, a little rough but good in meaning.
Simone_De_Beauvoir I do not agree with you but I do repect your opinion.

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I don’t understand why you keep emphasizing that your statements are your opinions. Everything anyone says on this site is an opinion. We are here to put forth, analyze, and discuss those opinions. You can’t just jump into a thread, say something, and then expect no one to respond to you just because you say “It’s just my opinion.”

Political correctness isn’t about stifling opinions or free speech. It’s about awareness, consciousness raising, and sensitivity. Just like you don’t want to be called a redneck, there are certain things that other people don’t want to be called. This isn’t a banned words list. No one is forcing you to refrain from using certain words. No one is stopping you from holding your opinions.

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Ivan, Sorry but I will have to ignore you because you just want to start a fight and that is not why I am here. Say what you want but I will not respond.

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@justwannaknow by all means, please stand by whatever opinions you want to hold – just understand that some of those opinions and actions you take because of them may be hurtful aka un-PC to certain groups…and hell, if you want to appear insensitive that’s all good by me, there are plenty of people like that out there and believe you me trying to be sensitive doesn’t make one a conformist

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I don’t know why you are here, but I am here to engage in discussion. If you say something that I disagree with, I am going to let you know. I am going to explain to you why I disagree, what my position is, and why I have arrived at my conclusion. If that somehow offends you, or if you perceive that as “starting a fight,” I’m sorry, but too bad.

PS. Everyone read this thread.

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Oh shi—

Thanks, Ivan.

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I keep coming into these threads and being ready to talk, only to have @cwilbur take my words!

Of course you’re allowed to have whatever beliefs you want… but expect to have any backwards or faulty beliefs challenged by those who think otherwise. Whether you respond to those challenges or ignore them is your choice. Political correctness plays nothing into this whatsoever, although it can be grounds for such a challenge.

Oh, and the irony of asking if certain opinions get silenced, and then ignoring Ivan for your imagined attacks (hint, there are none, he’s being quite civil here) is almost too much to bear!

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You don’t have to do anything. It’s not against the law. But don’t expect to be respected if you want to go around using any terms you want. Expect a reaction from people if you’re going to be using inflammatory terms.

For example, I find the term “faggot” offensive and I don’t like it when other people say it. You can say it if you want, but you can expect an angry response from me. Some people are simply offended by certain things.

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We should avoid hurting people’s feelings.

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@mattbrowne: except when the greater good is served by doing something that hurts that person’s feelings, and only insofar as that person avoids hurting other people’s feelings.

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@cwilbur – Agreed. An example would be rednecks.

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Because they are weak and without real convictions.

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