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How much does one have to smoke to be considered a heavy/medium/light smoker?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) May 27th, 2009

I’ve always wondered, what’s light use? What’s heavy use?

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I smoke about once a week, maybe less, sometimes more if I am stressed out and that I consider light smoking

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In my opinion 20 or more a day would be heavy. Medium would probably be less than 20 but smokes daily. Light would be 1 or 2 a week socially.

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I would consider a pack or more a day as heavy. I smoke a pack every few days. Some days I go without smoking at all. Some days, I’ll smoke half a pack. I’m weird though… I don’t smoke during the day, especially in the sunlight. It’s some weird aversion I have. I usually only smoke after work or if I’m drinking. If I’m home all day and just running errands, I probably won’t smoke at all. So, I don’t know what sort of smoker I am. A finicky one I guess!

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I think anything more than half a pack a day is heavy.
I think one or less a day is light.

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@essieness word I can’t smoke if it’s hot if there’s sunlight if it’s morning and I haven’t eaten

generally I only like to smoke in the evenings, with people, and after I eat

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I used to smoke 6–10 cigarettes a day depending on how stressed out I was. I started worrying last year when I saw that I was beginning to smoke 10 a day, and that’s when I stopped. I had been smoking off and on (mostly on) from the time I was 21. I was probably a light/medium smoker.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Exactly. Wonder why that is?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir and @essieness Me too. I cannot smoke outside if it’s hot, and I easily go 10 hours at work without smoking, but can go through a pack every two days with just smoking between 6pm and midnight. I also can’t smoke and walk at the same time, unless I’ve been drinking.

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Here’s my approximate guidelines.

Social smoker: someone who doesn’t buy smokes themselves but smokes sometimes.
Occasional smoker: a pack lasts two or more months
Light smoker: a pack or two a month
Medium smoker: a pack or two a week
Heavy smoker: a pack a day
Extremely heavy smoker: multiple packs a day

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