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What did you think of ABC's "The Goode Family"?

Asked by Ivan (13494points) May 27th, 2009

For those of you who don’t know, it’s a new animated series about a liberal, environmentally conscious family.

It’s supposed to be a parody of the liberal lifestyle, but I think the writers think that liberals in and of themselves are funny, so some of the jokes weren’t really jokes at all. A lot of it was like “and they use reusable grocery bags! Hahaha!” There’s no real joke there, they just think using reusable grocery bags is funny.

Anyways, I thought the actual humor that was attempted was pretty good. I think they were trying to make fun of liberals but they didn’t really succeed. All in all it was pretty funny. In a strange way, I think liberals might take a better liking to it than conservatives.

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Ok show, not necessarily one you would want your children to see in my opinion. Then again, maybe my children should have already been I’m bed.

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It’s good for a few chuckles.

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I don’t think it was ever intended for children. If they watched, they got a good lesson on sex-ed.

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Is this on tonight? I’m on the west coast.

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Yes. It was 9 EST.

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Haven’t seen it but I’m a big fan of Mike Judge’s work so I’m looking forward to it.
King of the Hill was genius!

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Never heard of it.

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Holy crap! That’s Berkeley!
It’s a town where everyone is trying to one up everyone else on how globally conscious they can be.

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I don’t like being made fun of. I don’t find most of the jokes to be very funny. There are several fellow jellies who will probably be LTAO

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I’m struggling to find an online link for it. Any help?

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It’s a satire. You can’t take things so seriously. Mike Judge rips on everyone.
It was sort of funny. Then again, I thought the same of King of the Hill at first and it only got funnier the more I watched it.

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To be honest it was the opposite for me. I liked King of the Hill at first but I slowly came to hate it. If you listen to Mike Judge’s commentary about this new show, he seems pretty legitimately angry with liberals. He says things like, the main character comes from a long line of “over-educated liberals,” and that the family “feels guilty about being human.”

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I’m a pretty liberal guy but some of these folks are near insufferable in their sanctimony.

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Sure. I guess that’s who they are trying to parody. Like I said, I thought the show was pretty funny. The whole abstinence thing was the highlight. That was hilarious. “We aren’t….like them….” Heh.

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Yeah the show hits close to home in my neck of the woods for sure.
I’ll watch it more.

Mike Judge is an equal opportunity satirist. He’s spent the last 10 years hacking on Texas conservatives. There was an awesome episode where Hank was part of a progressive co-op market because they had quality meats and produce.

As for this show, I loved the part where the woman carries out the groceries by hand because she didn’t have enough cash for a $10 reusable bag. “Reusable bags are made in sweatshops!”

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I think I laughed twice, which is not a good sign. I won’t watch again.

I miss Beavis & Butthead

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Well, they can’t all be winners. I will try to watch it next week. If next week’s show is funny, I’ll probably keep watching.

I think my favorite character so far is Ubuntu. First of all I love the name. I love the fact that they wanted a black baby, so now they feel the need to explain to everyone that they really wanted a black baby but accidentally got a white one.

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From what I’ve seen of the previews, it didn’t look funny—and i think you touch on it ivan… it doesn’t do a very good job of poking fun at liberals. Seriously. The satire isn’t that good. This got me thinking if there were any shows that have used liberal satire as funny—and I think really the only one that can even make the grade is South Park.

In order for satire to work, it needs to reveal a greater truth, maybe show some hypocrisy. South Park does that. From what I’ve seen of The Goode Family, it doesn’t.

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I don’t know if i’ll watch it regularly, but I think it’s funny in the same way King of the Hill was funny…because people enjoy watching people like themselves and laughing at it. It’s the same thing that makes white people think “things white people like” is funny. More humorous to the far left liberals than anyone else, but I still got a few good chuckles out of it. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when they were trying to figure out the appropriate politically correct words for certain minority groups and the guy said “what do we call Obama?” “President, but we can’t call this guy that”.

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