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Is it normal to be sore three days after a workout?

Asked by lisaj89 (720points) May 27th, 2009

I added a new type of exercise to my regular workout and have had to stop for three days! It’s this thing where you lay on your back with arms and legs straight out and then lift arms and legs all the way up together. Also, I added five pound weights for my arms. I’ve been sore after workouts before, but nothing like this. Every time I move my ab section aches. Should I just keep doing crunches and discontinue this exercise?

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You were alone when doing this workout? If not I can think of a possible reason for being sore when working out in the position you describe.

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Yes, I been sore for a week one time. Your new exercise must have worked a group of muscles that doesn’t get used often.

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The best way to get rid of soreness is stretching and light exercise. By stopping for three days, all the lactic acid that built up in your muscles will stay there. You should do some light cardio and get your blood pumping to help get rid of the soreness. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but once you get into it, the cardio will feel great.

Just to reiterate, doing nothing will not get rid of the soreness. You need to stay active.

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You can keep doing the same or a similar exercise but I would do fewer reps, and maybe lose or lessen the arm weights. As others say, you need to stay active to get your blood circulating, and you might consider some time in the hot tub.

You apparently used muscles your usual routine doesn’t touch. That tells you that you may need to find some additional activities that work these muscles so they won’t object so violently from now on.

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I will get sore for that long after a workout if I have not worked out in a long time. I went from not working out in a few months to a hard workout on my biceps. I was sore for three days to the point where I did not work out any of those days. Just let the soreness subside and next time it should be less, until your body gets used to it (or in your case the new workout)

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It’s most likely you’ve just worked muscles that hadn’t been worked. I’ve been sore for around 5 days when I started a very rigorous exercise regime after a long period of inactivity. I’d get back into doing it, maybe a bit lighter, but better than doing nothing.

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I feel as if once you come off the sore you are bigger and stronger

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@DarkScribe tsk tsk, mind in the gutter again.

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@chyna Again?

It is fun down here…

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I’m usually sore for quite a few days after working out. I do intense yoga/pilates though.

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I don’t get too sore any longer after a workout, even when I do something new. However, the first time I worked out after having been sidelined for health reasons for two years, I could hardly walk for a whole week.

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Make sure you stretch frequently, warm up for 10 minutes before working out and on the following days stretch more. Drink plenty of water to flush the lactic acid and toxins out of your body. Most people drink far too little water.

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it is not unusual.

the movement you described is a difficult exercise because it has a wide range of motion and makes your upper and lower abs work at the same time carrying a lot of body weight

you probably don’t need to add weights yet. try the exercise with no weights, but more reps (or the same number of reps if you dont want to push it too much).

no need to stop, just work your strength up slowly.

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especially if it’s the first time you worked out in your life!

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No, it’s not the first time I’ve worked out, just the first time with that particular exercise thrown in. Thanks alive, that makes sense, it is a pretty tough one. I guess I’ll just try again without the weights.
Thanks everybody for your advice!

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