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How do I buy a snowboard?

Asked by andrew (16358points) December 24th, 2007

After many many years, I’ve finally decided to make the jump from rentals to owning. How should I go about purchasing my board? Should I demo one on the slopes?

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I would say that you have been demoing them for a few years. Did you notice much of a difference between the ones you rented?

I would just make sure you go to a good local shop and have one fitted if you plan to buy. And I would say that getting good boots is really important. I would pick a shitty board with good boots over a good board with shitty boots.

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Get Burton bindings. They’re compatible with all other boards, but other bindings are not compatible with Burton boards.

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I would say keep the following in mind when purchasing a board: 1)Type of riding you plan on doing: Free-ride/all Mountain, Downhill, or Freestyle/Park. 2) Board Width; If you got big feet your toes may hang over the edge and cause toe drag, consider a wider board if this is the case. 3) As stated above, go to a local shop that can guide you through the selection process of getting you fitted with the proper board and equipment.

Good Luck!

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Try a snowboard shop.

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I agreed with all the awnsers. Also make sure you are fitted correctly as either a regular (righty) or goofy (lefty) footed.

When I first started the ski shop physically pushed me from behind and because of the way I regained my balance they determined I was goofy footed which turned out I wasn’t.

If you are predominatly right handed then you will be a regular if you are predominatly lefty you will be goofy.

Keep in mind if and when you take a lesson and you are goofy you will be mirroring the class otherwise you will be riding backwards all the time. That is not a bad thing but not necessary a good thing when you are first learing to ride.

It is an awesome sport and addicting as all get out!! Good luck!

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