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Should people read more?

Asked by JG117 (52points) May 27th, 2009

i was wondering should people read more?

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Depends on what they’re reading.

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Absolutely. It’s good for the mind, and it keeps your brain active. It can help you feel all sorts of emotion, happiness, sorrow, hate, love. It’s also proven that people who read are better writers and public speakers.

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More what? Often? Comic Books?

I read several books per week – much prefer settling back with some good jazz – Patricia Kaas, Diana Krall or Cassandra Wilson – some good wine and a novel to watching TV.

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No one should have to do anything. It’s up to them to what they want to do.

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i alreedy reed goods

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Absolutely! I don’t care if it is a technical manual or a comic book, the latest bodice-ripper or an award-winning novel. Reading keeps the brain functioning and broadens experience. It also improves grammar, vocabulary and communication skills. I wish everybody did more reading.

However, I can’t force anyone to read, not even my own kids. I can only model that behavior and praise it when I see it in others.

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There are tons of great books out there. I recommend anything by Phillip K. Dick

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YES! I love reading its really relaxing and stress relieving, however most people can’t find the time to read as much as they would like.

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I read books and I love to listen to books being read on my iPod when I run. At the moment though I am spending most of my time watching the French Open, but once that is over reading will prevail again. Well until Wimbledon starts anyhow.

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Read more, absolutely! Read anything and everything you can read. From fiction to non-fiction, read biographies and autobiographies. Graphic Novels and the classics! At any given time, I am in between two great books or several magazines. I read daily, as does everyone else in my house, including the 6yr old.

Reading broadens your mind, enhances your vocabulary and is a great way to relax.

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Of course, I’m not biased at all, just because I am an internet bookseller.

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They certainly should. Not only is it fun, educational, and interesting, but now you can use devices such as the Amazon Kindle to read with. What from what I’ve heard about them, they’re supposed to be pretty amazing little devices.

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Yes. People should read more. More people should read. More people should read more. More. Read. Yes.

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@Bluefreedom I just can’t do it. I cannot buy a Kindle. I love books. I love the feel and smell of a book. I guess it’s just one gadget too many, for me.

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They should!!! Hell, I should read more, I’m saddened by how little I read, actually.

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I, too, cannot bring myself to buy or use a Kindle. It just isn’t the same as a real book.

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People definitely should read instructions more, and read everything on the internet pages they access, and carefully read the questions here, and read the answers before they duplicate everyone else.

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Yes. @Jeruba said it all. More people should read. More people should read more.

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And buy books online from independent internet booksellers!

Now back to your regular programming.

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Yes! And not on a Kindle. Unless that’s the only way you’re going to do it. Then, you have my permission.

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i love reading.
to tell you the truth i can’t sleep without reading a book.
people now are so lame at talking and typing.
this is probably why i love this website:
you talk to people you barely know,
you can say your thoughts,
people help each other out,
and most importantly they spell out the words correctly!

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I am sorry Darwin, but I would love to have a Kindle, to be able to carry all those books with me in one small package. Alas as with so many neat stuff, not available in oz yet, so I have to wait.

In the meantime, where is your store, do you ship internationally???

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I guess the Kindle just isn’t as popular as it is made out to be. =(

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Oops did I say that out loud?

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@rooeytoo I’ve thought about a Kindle, I have a lot of books loaded on my old pocket pc and that’s nice, but perhaps it is the Luddite in me that loves a book. You don’t have to plug it in, you don’t have to make sure it’s batteries are charged, it’s software never requires upgrading. You just have to toss it in your purse or your pocket and it’s there for you. No matter where you go, as long as you have light and the use of your hands and/or your eyes you can read a book. That, I will never get tired of. That can never be replaced by any technology.

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@lillycoyote – I agree but at the same time I am a gadget freak, I love new toys so the Kindle sounds good to me. I know I am worse than a kid!

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After thinking it over, I realize that I would use a Kindle if I was going to be somewhere without access to a lot of books for a long period of time. It’d be a lot easier to pack and tote a Kindle filled with books than several boxes filled with books. But that’s it. ;)

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@rooeytoo No problem, like I said I’ve thought about a Kindle, it’s not that I don’t like the idea of it or that I am above. I like the idea of wanting to read a book and being able to download it and have it available to me seconds later. I like the idea of having a little library of books with me without the bulk of real books, that’s one of the things I like about having books loaded on my “ancient” pocket pc. But still, I love real, paper books. I love turning the pages, I love plopping them down somewhere, face down and not having to worry that I’ve damage the screen or that I’ve somehow voided the warranty or the service contract. I may get a Kindle someday too, I like gadgets too. I love gadgets. But I love books. I love the way they feel in my hands and they way they sit on my book shelves. And again, I don’t have to make sure my bookshelves are charged in order for me to find a particular book. Anyway, I think there is a place for both the Kindle and the book. And someday you may find me with a book in one hand and a kindle in my purse, or the other way around, who knows?

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yup im starting to read more, there are several things on tv not worth watching. reading broadens the mind.

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People should read more high quality literature and less tabloid and silly news, yes I do believe this.

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@rooeytoo – I ship to Australia all the time. You can find my store here

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I have a friend that is a first year English teacher in High School and we are stunned at how little the students know and how reticent they are about reading. She has to promise them clips from the movies OF books in order to get them to consider it frequently. I grew up going and getting dozens of books from the library every week, so to hear that getting anyone to pick up ANY book is like pulling teeth depresses me.

Needless to say I agree with most of the above…Reading is good…it improves your vocabulary, your syntax and grammar, how your mind works, and your ability to comprehend things. Reading effects the way you think and I think that it really does make you a better, smarter, more well rounded person (no matter what you’re reading).

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@Darwin – Thanks, I’ll check it out!

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Animals should read more. You ever tried discussing literature with your cat or dog? Not a lot they contribute to the conversation.

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@fred_in_london – Actually, some of the most satisfying & enlightening conversations I have in daily life, on most any subject, are those I have with my dogs.

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@fred_in_london and @rooeytoo I have recently discovered that my cat is a better conversationalist than my brother most evenings

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@hitomi – I understand completely!

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@fred_in_london Welcome to Fluther! We are all animals here. :)

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@fred_in_london – Actually, some dogs are greatly attracted to literature. Our American Bulldog literally consumes books, lots of them. She still refuses to discuss them though.

Of course, it might make a difference if she actually read them before eating them. But at least she has plenty of fiber in her diet, and that cook book she ate yesterday really wasn’t a very good one.

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Simply, Yes! Not enough people find pleasure from reading.

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I done been reedin since I were only 4, thats why I so edumacated;

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@Since010501 if people don’t find pleasure in reading, why should they do it?

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@alive: Pleasure in it is the best (and some may argue the only) reason to do it. Yeah, I was talking about reading. Uh huh. :^>

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@cyndyh…my point was some people don’t find reading pleasurable.

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I see that. That doesn’t mean it isn’t sad. It’s like when you find someone who doesn’t get or like music. I feel sorry for them.

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