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If I dont smoke marjuna myself but am frequently around people that do, will it show up on a medical test?

Asked by curioscamel (81points) May 27th, 2009

I have heard from people this is true, and every day I am around people smoking marijuana with me in the room, will this show up on a test that I have smoked it? This relates to my previous question about the navy, and when asked should I say I have smoked marijuana in case it does show up on the medical?

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Did you get high from the second-hand smoke? If so, it will likely show. Stay away from the smoking den before your interview. See ya…wtf

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@whatthefluther no I have never in my life been high, I am just around people that do it frequently however I don’t think I am high, but they have said otherwise, Do you know if they navy will still accept me if it shows up?

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It depends on the amount of marjiuana being smoked around you and the size of the room and the amount of ventilation. Basically if you are getting “fish-bowled” yes it could well test you positive. You are still ingesting the smoke from it and if it’s dense enough you would still be affected it as well. If you do not wish to smoke or to test positive for it, leave the room when your friends light up. If that is just too much to ask then get yourself a bottle of Vale. It costs roughly $40 and should be taken 24 hours before any testing but it will help flush your system to avoid the “false positive” that you are worried about. I also suggest that in dealing with the Navy, when asked… tell them the truth.. “no I don’t but my roommate (or whoever it is in your life that you can’t avoid it) does, a lot, and I do get exposed to it frequently”. Your best bet is to just leave the room when they light up though. Even if you tell the Navy the truth it could still have a negative effect on your application if you come up with a positive test result. You should talk to your recruiter about it.

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@IceCreamLady Yeah I try and leave the room when this happens and often do, but I am still in the same house, so would this still have an affect on me. The last time this person has smoked anything was about five hours ago, and my test is tomorrow morning 8 15 am in the morning. I was not in the exact room but since the house I am living in is small I wasn’t very far away from them. I have been planning of joining the navy for about a year now and will be very upset If I don’t get in, I am extremely nervous of not being accepted because of this reason and the alcohol.

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Okay, well stop drinking first off. And yes NOT being in the same room (especially if the room they’re in has the door closed) will help tremendously in reducing your risk of being affected. I would personally drink a LOT of water tonight, maybe some Mountain Dew if it won’t stop you from sleeping and definitely some coffee in the morning and more water. You want the caffeine in your system because too much water can be a questionable marker as well. A clear indicator that you’re hiding something type of thing. Juice and caffeine and water water water will help. You’ll be up and down all night hitting the head but it will increase your chances of passing any urine tests.

THC actually stays in your system for approximately 30 days so it doesn’t matter when he smoked last. If you got fish-bowled 2 weeks ago and don’t try to flush your system it will show and they have no way of being able to tell it was 2 weeks ago or 2 hours ago. Open a window in the room you’re in if you can, and keep the doors closed between you and them when they smoke is your best bet. Drink plenty of fluids and you should be okay. At this late hour though all you do is try to do a quick flush and cross your fingers and hope.

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Dude, i told you, when i went today, they don’t test you at all to see if you had any alchohol or drugs or nothing. The only thing related to drugs or alchohol was just a bunch of paperwork so that they know how much you do, how much you did drink or smoke, but not like they care. Don’t a lot of ppl? You’re just making yourself paranoid again.

Just tell the truth, besides they’re looking for your physical fitness and if you’re illegible for it.
I’m guessing that they want to know if you do drugs and stuff to see if you are able to control yourself. It had questions like “Have you ever thrown a temper tantrum due to drugs/ substances?” and things like that. You don’t go crazy over ‘substances’ or are addicted to it and so it won’t be a problem.

Even if they did test you, and it showed up, you were telling the truth about how you didn’t do it anyways.

But yeah, good luck, stop worrying, it’s no big deal, all straightforward and easy. Once again—> they DO NOT test you about if you did drugs or drink. (for the medical they MERELY weighed me, measured my waist, my height, my eyesight and hearing. THAT’s IT.
Anyways. good luck. Have fun with the 6.5 hours of being there tmr…mainly sitting for hours in the waiting room. :P

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I’ve never applied for military service of any kind. Though I’m told the Marines will test for substances. I can only say if you’re really that worried about it, drink plenty of fluids and try to get some sleep. Keep away from the smoking lounge and keep the doors closed between you and them in the future and even open a window in the room you’re in if it makes you feel better. But THC will stay in your system for up to 30 days if you don’t use a product like Vale to flush it out.

Try not to stress yourself out. And it’s not like you can’t reapply again at a later date IF you do end up being denied this time around. They WANT you to volunteer so it’s a lot easier to get in than any ivy league college would be.

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@curioscat okay I know I am so paranoid like extremely paranoid I was just really worried and everything but okay I understand they wont be testing me at all for that so I’m a little less worried now but still nervous

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I was nervous too ;). no worries, after the apptitude test (I hate apptitude tests soo much), everything’s less tense and smooth sailing, not to mention boring. .. xD

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well as long as you dont consume any thing that was touched (alott) by ur weed smoking compadres, then i guess you’d be fine dood just chillin and go along with the flow ;p

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Paranoia in a healthy mind is the product of your conscious telling you that you’ve done something wrong by your own moral standards. If your living situation makes you that paranoid that it will cost you what you want in life then perhaps you should consider a change of living arrangements to one a little less 420 friendly?

It’s bad for your health to be so stressed out and worried over something others do. Remove yourself from the situation and the problem no longer exists to plague your mind. =D

Good luck with the Navy tomorrow! And Thank you for volunteering to serve this nation, for wanting to protect me and my family and my neighbors and even those ungrateful sods who don’t appreciate the liberties and freedoms they enjoy because of men and women like you putting themselves on the line. =D

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There is a cheaper and easier way to pass a urine test than finding a bottle of Vale: Get a packet of fruit pectin at the supermarket ($2) and a bottle of green tea ($5). Mix. Drink at least an hour before test, and urinate once before you go in to avoid a dilute reading. This absolutely works – my bf was on probation for a year and had to take random drug tests, and smoked the whole time. They would call him and tell him to come right away for the test, which was an hour away from where he lived. He would take the pectin and tea and then go, and they never got him. Once he got a dilute reading. The mix works by surrounding the molecules of THC with pectin molecules. If it is a hair test you need Toxin Wash, which is good for your hair anyway ($70 online).

Also, in the highly unlikely event that they see anything even if you do not use one of these methods, you can probably request a second test based on the possibility of a false positive.

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Just tell them the truth. If you were a real pothead, youd never, ever think about joining the armed forces. Smoking weed, sitting on my couch, watching some good ol American tv sounds much more fun.

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@chris6137 I have known a number of potheads who were currently or formerly in the armed forces. Most are Nam vets, but some Iraq vets I know also smoke.

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recently, some places will swab the inside of your mouth for the drug test.

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@ems Sorry, forgot to mention – supposedly, the mouth swab test is the easiest of all to pass. Just don’t smoke (or, if you’re worried, be around smokers) for at least 48 hours (some sources say 24 hours or 14 hours) before the test. But I don’t have personal experience with this one.

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I get screened all the time for work. They educate us on the program and tell us the levels of second hand smoke are to low to show up on screens.

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First off, don’t drink anything that claims it will clean out your system. They test for those, and if you haven’t done any drugs, but come back with something like that in your system, it’ll make you look like a liar.

Second, the Navy claims that the only amount of THC that would trigger a positive on their urinalysis is an amount that would equate to actually having smoked weed. In other words, second-hand smoke isn’t enough. However, leaving the room is never a bad idea.

I don’t remember ever being tested until I actually reported to boot camp. And boy do I remember that. Imagine five lines of freshly-bald recruits standing at the urinals being yelled at by six or eight RDC’s that if they can’t pee, they’re going to be pushing the floor. Before that, they had the “moment of truth.” You walk into a room with one Chief, and he tells you that this is the last moment when you can admit to having done any illicit substances with immunity. If, after that moment, you pop positive, you will be separated with an administrative discharge. But you have up until that moment to admit to anything without being kicked out.

Best bet is to just tell your recruiter that you’ve been around it, but never partaken. He’ll simply wait thirty days to send you to boot camp, and you’ll be fine.

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@Poser: That’s not necessarily true. Products such as Total Eclipse only contain ingredients that could logically be in your system otherwise. They can’t “test for those.”

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@Poser Plus the solution I offered does not clean out your system, just buffers the THC against detection. I would guess that many of the more expensive drinks contain “cleansers” that use the same or a similar mechanism. And fruit pectin is a part of most peoples’ diet – jelly, etc.

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