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What is the difference in Coax cable, Cat 5 cable, and Quad shield?

Asked by ram201pa (606points) May 28th, 2009

Thank you in advance.

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Jeez, frogs and ponies. Apples and oranges would be too close.

Coaxial cable has one or more conductors running down the center, separated by an insulator from a tubular foil or mesh conductive sleeve. Coaxial cable is used most commonly in radio frequency applications, like cable TV or antennas, where it must carry a high frequency signal with minimal leakage. Quad Shield cable is coaxial cable with more than one sleeve for better RF isolation. It’s used with digital TV where you want high isolation and low loss.

Cat 5 cable is used for telecom applications, typically 10/100 Ethernet. It consists of eight conductive wires arranged in four twisted pairs.. By definition, it is unshielded, which means it’s about as different from coax cable as wire can be.

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