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What is the best website to use for all kinds of recipes?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) May 28th, 2009

good recipes, good reviews, cost-effective is nice too.

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I would suggest that you don’t need recipes all the time, especially if you’re looking to save money, being more flexible and using things you already have is much more cost effective than buying a certain component simply cause it’s in the recipe.

I highly recommend watching Chef Todd Mohr’s videos on YouTube. He is basically creating an entire cooking course, and for free too!

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Im a Food Network fanatic so I always use

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My favourite website for finding good recipes is called Google. You can find it at

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In addition to recipes they also have reviews, in depth topics, discussion section and more by and for those with discriminating palates averywhere. It’s free and I usually drop in each day. They also have the option of a weekly roundup of best featured recipes by email. No spam. And they have a mobile
version as well.

I think it’s everything that the Food Network site could be but isn’t. Plus they don’t have tons of ads hogging bandwidth and clogging everything up the way FN does.

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@zephyr826 totally brilliant suggestion!!!!!!

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I use, too, in large part because I typically have several ingredients and I want to find a good way to combine them that I haven’t done before. Also, my daughter at least gets curious about different foods now (finally! after all those meals where we asked her to simply try things) so I might buy an ingredient I don’t commonly use and then see what I can do with it. Thus, I prefer an index of all recipes on all sites rather than a particular site.

This is a site that compares a number of recipe sites if you still want to go site by site rather than by ingredient.

This is another view of top recipe sites.

And this lists a huge number of recipe sites without comment.

I still buy huge numbers of cookbooks – I love to look at the pictures and dream.

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