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Is a Montegrappa ... or whatever fancy pen an appropriate graduation gift?

Asked by noelasun (1894points) May 28th, 2009

If you don’t think so, what would make a good gift?
I’d like to give something to commemorate the occasion…
any ideas?

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I would have loved a pen as graduation gift. Sadly, despite the hints, I didn’t get one.

preferably a Meisterstuck 149

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Sounds very nice. Engrave it?

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I’ve never quite understood the point of a gift you’re not supposed to use, despite it having a specific function. This also goes for things like decorative plates that (I understand) you’re supposed to hang on the wall rather than eat off of.

Maybe I’m just too practical minded. <shrug> Personally, I think a better gift would be first month’s rent on their new place.

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@MrItty I would have used it. It’s a lovely pen to write with.

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I think he’d use it… but I also think he’d lose it. =/

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@Lightlyseared I was under the impression those fancy pens are supposed to be put somehow “on display” but not used, due to the risk of damaging them in some way. If that’s not the case, I retract my opinion.

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@MrItty well there are people who buy all sorts of stuff and never use it like the car in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off “Ferris, he never drives it! He just rubs it with a diaper!”

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A nice Cross set is engravable and easy to get refills for!

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Nothing is more useful than a good Leatherman multitool with his name engraved on it. It lasts forever and will go with him wherever he travels – except on the plane.
It will get used until the day he finally hangs up his tool belt. (I love mine)

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It depends on the person. If they like that sort of thing, then sure.

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Would the person in question actually like and use a fountain pen?

@MrItty: there are display pens, and there are pens for use. It’s usually pretty clear when you try to write with them which one they’re balanced for.

@loser: If the recipient in question actually is a pen aficionado, a ballpoint pen—especially a Cross pen—will be an insult. Better to get a good mid-range Pelikan or Lamy or Waterman.

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My favorite graduation gift to receive was always cash. But if you think he’d like it, then go for it.

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I just found this question and I think pens make great graduation gifts. My brother bought me a lovely pen when I started university study. I used it for every exam or piece of writing I did until I completed my degree. Strangely, right after my final exam, it sort of fell to pieces. It is still usable but the end of the pen literally disintegrated and it doesn’t look very good now.

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