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Is hating milk a bad thing?

Asked by Tink (8673points) May 28th, 2009 from iPhone

I can’t stand it

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I don’t like it. I usually call it “cow tit snot.”

But I will punch a kitten for cheese.

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I believe 1% milk is a good source of calcium w/o the fat for every adult

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@johnpowell hahaha. who cares? you don’t like milk you don’t like milk. cows are fuckin lazy anyway.

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After weaning, nobody needs milk.

Edit: that is sober, medical fact. Milk is for the very young. It is quite OK to dislike milk, once you have been weaned.

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oooh love milk
isn’t it good for your bones though?
who cares….
i don’t like cucumbers and mustard
is that bad?

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Nope, don’t like it. I hate the way it feels like it is coating my mouth with a thick film. Yuck. Just the thought of it is nasty. I do use it in cooking or the rare bowl of cereal.

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I love milk :) My fat genes only allow me to drink skim though.

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Doesn’t matter if you don’t like milk. But FYI: Cheese is milk solidified,

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I LOVE MILK. It’s like, my favorite drink. 1%, Skim, 2%, is fine with me. No whole for me though. Icky. Dx

I also LOVE grape soda :d

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Yeah it’s bad! It’s BLASPHEMOUS.
Milk and I go back a long, long way, man, and I don’t think it’d appreciate you talking shit on it.

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Not a bad thing, just a preference.

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Disliking milk is healthy.

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i would say that milk is good and for your body

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I think we should call milk and tell it that we wanna go hang out with it and that we are sorry we have been so mean to it lately. We have just been feeling really fucked up about <insert personal dilemma here> and want to make it up to milk.

We get milk alone we all jump out of the bushes and kick the shit out of milk.

Cow’s milk is for CALVES!!!.

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Not at all. Many people don’t like pure milk (I don’t even like it in my cereal!), but they enjoy many milk products, such as ice cream. Vegans do not consume any milk product.

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Oooh! I love milk and milk products the way Eric Idle loves money. No joke.

But anyone is free to hate it if they wish. More ice cream and brie for me!

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I sooooooo hate milk I imagine somebody sticking the cow part in their mouth when they drink it. I do put it in my cereal but I drain it before I eat because I don’t like dry cereal or MILK!!!

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humans are the only creatures that continue to drink milk well into their lives

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Actually milk has been linked to increase rates of cancer, (it helps promote growth of cancerous cells, [accelerated growth, since it helps all young cells grow faster]).
Also since toxins accumulate in fat, higher the fat content of milk, greater the chances of one injesting them… so if you choose to drink milk, use organic and with the least fat content you can tolerate.
The only advantage of milk is the Calcium, and there are plenty of other healthier ways to get that.
My 2 ¥

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wrong food
i actually like cucumbers
what i do not like are pickles!

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Pickels smell nasty thats why I don’t like them either

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so does mustard
i can’t even look at it!
that yellow just gets on my nerves
it makes me think of something else…

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Ha I don’t like mustard either or relish. I don’t mind the yellow of the mustard I like bright colors though

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I don’t drink milk. well i did. from my mothers teat. but i don’t steal from calves. Like every other mammal a female cow must be pregnant to produce milk. After the cow gives birth the calve is taken away from the mother immediately. If the calve is a female she goes into the same (cylce) as the mother. However if the calve is male, it is sold into the “veal industry”, living without enough room to even turn around. The veal industry is a direct influence of the “dairy industry”. After the mother cow is artificially impregnated as much as she can bear, she is sent to a slaughter house where she will turn into a “beautiful piece o’ meat”. My ultimate answer to your question is no. Hating (cows’) milk is not a bad thing, loving it is in fact (in my opinion) unjust and horrible.
Not to be a “debbie downer” or anything. :)

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Thanks everyones opinion counts in this thread!!

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@Tink1113 I think that @elchoopanebre is putting his own spin on the popular 4chan idiom of, “TITS or GTFO” (post/show boobs or get the fuck out). In sum, a joke. About milk.

It’s just milk. I don’t think it’ll care if you hate it. :)

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@3or4monsters – Oh thanks :-)

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For farmers yes.. a bad thing.

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