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Does a pacemaker have health benefits other than increased comfort?

Asked by seek2be (127points) December 24th, 2007
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It seems to me that avoiding death due to an erratic heart beat would be comfort enough. The heart beating at the correct rate will make you feel less tired and spacey so I suppose that would also be a comfort.

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ya, that seems to make sense, my stubborn physician father insists that it is only a comfort and will do nothing to prevent him from the inevitable fibrillation that will kill him. Like i said, stubborn.

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Stubborn huh. Well he must be aware of implantable devices, locally know as a ‘box’ vs a pacermaker. They will sense V-tac and cardiovert you automatically. Some say with a very mild discomfort from normal to V-tac to recieving shock to normal again. Ta da.

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I’ve run across someone with the device Cardinal mentioned – it’s a bit frightening for the people around him, but beyond that – it’s much better than the burns and trauma of an AED or such.

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