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Do you think people should be entitled to their own opinions?

Asked by swtsally (131points) May 29th, 2009

Without being criticized for the words that they use while doing it no matter how rude? Because you know, someone are just really blunt.

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I think everyone should be entitled to their own opinion, yes, but people ARE NOT entitled to be rude. There’s a right way & a wrong way to say something. Like the old saying goes, it’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

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Others are also entitled to reject their opinion or state an opposing opinion. People don’t have a right to inflict their opinions on others.

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agree with jb. ‘entitle’ is a strong word. ‘entitlement’ thinking is really hurting us americans.

i personally am trying to get a bit more other-focused and make life less about me.

as fluther has proved so well, everybody’s quirky and thinks differently. there’s an ancient saying that ‘everybody’s right in their own eyes’. so being convinced of something and trying to pound it in to others is a dead end street.

if you don’t mind another cliche’ : “do unto others….”

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It is possible to have and express an opinion without being rude. You can even be blunt without being rude.

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“Entitled to their own opinions”? Yes.

“Without being criticized for the words that they use while doing it no matter how rude?” No.

The right to hold and express an opinion doesn’t shield someone from all of the negative consequences that those expressions might provoke. Others also have the right to have an opinion about your opinion, and are free to express it even if it’s critical.

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People should be able to think and say whatever they like. But if they express unpopular opinions rudely, they need to be prepared for the backlash, because people around them should be able to think and say what they like, as well.

Edit: Oooh, @Harp beat me by fractions of a second.

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It depends what your purpose is. If you just want to spout your opinions and be rude to others’ thoughts or questions, you will find yourself talking pretty much to yourself and to others who think just like you.

If you want to have a discussion where ideas are exchanged and minds can be changed, then that requires a different protocol: there is no room for rudeness, hubris, shaming, humiliating, dismissing. Instead, listening, thinking about, taking seriously, respecting and discussing will be called for.

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We are all entitled to our own opinions but should not force our opinions on others.

The tongue like the pen can be mightier than the sword.

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@Judi At what point do it become inflicted.

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People are entitled to their own opinions, and are entitled to say whatever they want.

But they are responsible for what they believe and what they say, and they need to own the opinion, own the statement, and own the reaction to it.

You don’t get the former without the latter.

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Yes because you can’t stop a person from saying something, and if you manage to, they will eventually snap. so yees

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aren’t they already?

yes, i think people are entitled to their own opinions as much as others are entitled to react to those opinions.

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well, if you think about it, look at all the control thats going on, yeah, i know theres things were its a question of moral wrong, but like when you do it just for control, i find it quite demoralizing

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@spresto ; I guess when a person is ridiculed for having an opposing opinion, or when someone is expected to act on the opinion of the “inflicter”

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I don’t know of any benefits that will outweigh the effort and negative impact of cencuring and policing opinions. Therefore, my opinion is that it’s quite alright for everyone to have one!

As far as expressing it, go for it, but differentiate between expression of opinion and accusations and/or slander.
Rude or not doesn’t matter, although that is likely to affect the response and attention you get.

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they’re entitled to my opinions, yes
of course they are entitled to their opinions
that doesn’t make them right

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Yes, people are entitled to their own opinions but do not make your opinion a law (e.g. ban on gay marriage).

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Yes, people should be, and are, entitled to their own opinions, but it is a two way street. If someone else is of the opinion that they expressed themselves in a rude or blunt manner, they have just as much right to say so. The limit is when it becomes a personal flame fest. The rules on Fluther do not allow that, and that overrides the right to an opinion.

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No, Never !

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Yes, of course. Like others have wisely said before me, if they decide to share that opinion, be ready to hear that you are wrong, crazy, a fool or a jerk. :)

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@cak per fluther rules; we can’t make personal attacks as in (‘you’) we attack only ideas.

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@YARNLADY I know, but I still see a lot of it around!

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@cak me too, I should have put my ~ in there

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Nope, people should not be entitled to their own opinions. They should all think whatever I tell them to. If you don’t know what to think, simply e-mail me and I’ll tell you.

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No people should not be entitled to their own opinions. They should have to earn their opinions, or purchase them on the International Opinion Futures Market.

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i think you can share your opinion without being rude. there is a difference between being blunt and being unnecessarily obnoxious.

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Since we are all voicing our opinions here, I think we all agree that WE should be entitled.

However, if you are willing to allow everyone their opinion, then you should be perfectly fine with people validly criticising yours.

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