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What is your current problem and how much would you pay to solve it?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) May 6th, 2009

I’m just doing some research in the market for problem solving.

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I forgot to grab my Diet Coke to drink with my dinner, and there is already a cat on my lap. I would probably give you a dollar if you brought it to me. It is on the kitchen counter.

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My problem is that my daughter has been kidnapped. I originally offered to pay 100,000 euros for her safe return, which I have recently raised to 150,000. Though I’ve already spent more than 40,000 of that so far.

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I would gladly hire someone at $15 per hour to keep my papers, desk and bills in some sort of order. It is all so tedious although that issue pales besides Jack79’s.

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I don’t have a job, but I can’t pay anyone to solve that problem. Even so, that also pales besides Jack79’s.

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@Jack79 I would give anything to solve your problem- and I would not charge you. I have 4 girls and cannot even begin to fathom what you are going through and how you keep sane.

At the moment I seek discipline to finish a work project. I am now signing off to get it done because it can neither be bought or sold.

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I am looking to move to Fort Worth, Texas. I need a job up there first. So I would pay quite a bit to get a job that had benefits, 401K, and payed me around the same that I currently make. If something like that could be arranged. It also would have to be a job that I would want to do. That does not mean an easy job, or a dream job. But one that I would enjoy daily, and something that I am qualified for.

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I’m frustrated with my last quarter of college and beginning to struggle with the classes. I’m broke like no other, and massively in debt thanks to student loans. I have a HUGE itch for a fast car but I’m stuck in a grand-am. And my sort of g/f and I are basically about to call it quits.

I would probably ask for the g/f issue to be solved (hopeless romantic). And I would pay an immense amount to fix it.

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@lefteh You have Cat On Lap Syndrome! That is the best syndrome to have!

My problem is that I need to go to the store to get a binder to organize my coupons…but I’m too cheap to pay anyone to do that, hence why I use coupons in the first place.

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One of many I can think of is the need to have our elderly parents taken care of. The places we have researched are about twice as much as we can afford, so I would say “affordable” elder care.

Their current living expenses are running around $3000 a month, and we could see our way to paying up to #3,500, but most start at $6,000 (for two rooms) and we cannot afford that.

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I’m not sure where to start because I have a number of problems that need solving. They include:

1) Getting the house clean (and keeping it that way). I probably could afford $100 per month for that.

2) Finding homes for one dog and three cats. I found a home for one cat and paid his neutering and vaccination costs, so I would have to say I would pay about $200 per animal. If I don’t then they will be confiscated and sent to the pound where they will probably be killed.

3) Getting my bipolar son into a good training program that would work with his emotional problems and bring him up to speed in basic school subjects, but also teach him life skills plus a skill with which he could someday make a living. It would be nice if they could also convince him to take his meds on time and consistently. Most of the places that do this range between $3000 to $14,000 a month, but I can’t afford that.

4) Getting my husband off his butt and doing what little he can in order to slow his physical and mental deterioration. I probably can’t afford any service that could do this, either.

5) Making my daughter understand that letting me know where she is is not optional, and that if she doesn’t let me get her car inspected she ain’t gonna be driving it. I might pay $100 for that, but it wouldn’t be a permanent fix.

6) Doing a number of small repairs throughout the house and yard. I have the tools and the knowledge but not the time. I might pay between $5 and $10 an hour for that depending on the skill level of the person doing the work.

Of course, all of these things pale in comparison to @Jack79 ‘s problem.

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i am overweight and would pay $10,000 to have it go away quickly, non invasively, painlessly, just poof and it’s gone.

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I’m with jca.

My wife’s mental health. Anxiety, depression. I’d pay thousands to get rid of that.

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There isn’t enough money in the world…

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I’ll fix it myself. I always keep a bottle of Liquid Plumber handy.

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@Dog I keep sane by coming on fluther and keeping my brain occupied. I try not to think about it.

@everyone else: thanks once again for your support. Problems are always relative, so someone running out of sugar may be just as worrying to that person as me running out of daughter. I have people coming over later today, and under different circumstances I’d be just as worried that my place is dusty as I am now worried that my child is locked up in a room crying for her daddy.

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there are problems in my life that i could contemplate paying someone to fix…however isnt that what life is for? to fix your problems and learn from them? Some problems, like Jack79’s require money. Other problems like my debt or my dilapidated computer or my lack of furniture like a dresser to put my clothes in require money as well. Then there are problems like my issues with boys, my families failing health, my fight to stay in shape, a longing to repair broken friendships those are things that no amount of money can fix. So i will sit and attempt to convince myself that despite my issues the sun will rise and set, the world will continue on, and my life will keep going. As long as I see things that way the pain caused by the loss of loved ones or for the lack of love received from the man i gave my heart to is fleeting. Why? because life has an uncanny way of moving on whether you’re ready to or not.

good question

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My current problem is outstanding warrants in another state than would take about $10K to clear up.

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I would happily pay $8 to re enter Manhattan it the roads were good and there was somewhere to park…. wait…......FUCK!...........

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