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How close should a Student-teacher Relationship be?

Asked by rhector63 (219points) May 29th, 2009

Well, i have this teacher and well he likes to act like a teenager. And to tell you the truth its really kind of funny. But does he need to start acting his age or what?

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what teacher?

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Mr.Shiele have you seen him in class, well in my class

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don’t know him!
just let him be
you should be flattered
teachers like that are the ones that entertain the school

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Unless he is hitting on you.

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well, you need to meet him then lets see what you say

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hes not hitting us @spresto

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hitting on us i meant

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Well, then I would not worry about it.

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ha yeah, its kinda funny sometimes though (really funny)

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I’d believe it. How old is he?

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well hes been working there since the 60’s so calculate

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Well, you are as young as you feel. If you hang around younger people all day you are bound to act like it, lol. It probably good for him.

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true, hes cool in his own special way

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Your question and then details don’t seem to go together. What are you asking? How close a teacher should be to a student? Or if your teacher is immature?

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He’s kind of silly? But not trying to get sexy? Sounds kind of nice.

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I have always been extremely close with all of my students, and often sit next to them in class, especially if I have to explain something or help them write, or walk around the desks, generally mingle. I know this may sound weird in the US, but my students often hug me and kiss me, especially old students that see me in the street.

But there is always a barrier, and that is the important bit. I act as if I’m their father or older brother. Not their peer, not their friend. No student ever felt threatened, no one ever imagined that I could be hitting on them or have any unpure thoughts, because my position was always very clear. I showed love and affection, but not attraction. And got the same back.

Yes, of course I’ve had students falling in love with me, especially since I started teaching very young, but that’s the whole point: they are allowed to fall in love with you, it’s normal; you are the one that has to be responsible and draw the line.

I have always lived by extremely strict moral rules as far as my classroom behaviour is concerned, and remain their teacher even years later. There are 30-year-old women that come up to me in the street and I’m still “Sir” as far as they’re concerned, even if I happen to have a girlfriend younger than them.

So I guess what I’m trying to explain is that it doesn’t really matter what you do, but how you do it. Some teachers can stand next to a student and it’s sexual harrassment, others could have them sitting on their lap and it’s not.

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