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What are some good "sweet" wines?

Asked by Facade (22902points) May 29th, 2009

Right now literally I’m sipping some Rosa Regale. I like it. Do you know of any similar ones?

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Rieslings are sweet. Clean Slate is a good one; I can’t remember the name of my favorite brand right now, but it comes in a blue bottle, and I’m pretty sure it’s Australian.

Another favorite sweet wine is Martini and Rossi brand Asti, it’s an Italian sparkling wine, and it’s SO delicious (and sweet)! It’s pretty much my favorite thing to drink!

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@La_chica_gomela Yea, I’ve heard of the last one you mentioned. Is it expensive?

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I don’t know Rosa Regale, but I like sweet wines too. I’m a big fan of German Rieslings. Also, Sutter Home’s White Zin and White Merlot are sweet, delish, and very cheap Yes, I know Sutter Home is shit wine, but I like it, damnit!

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@Facade: Not at all! It’s about $10. You won’t find sparklies much cheaper, unless they’re Andres, and that’s almost not worth drinking

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I was also going to suggest a Riesling. We sell Chateau St. Michelle at Outback and it’s pretty good. I’m not a sweet wine drinker, but I’ll have a glass or two once in a while. Inexpensive also. The German version is called gevertztraminer and it’s about like a Riesling. I don’t know the brands off hand. They both come in tall slender bottles.

There’s always lambrusco, which is a chilled sweet red, but it’s pretty blech…

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Any port in a storm, I always say. Most late harvests are pretty good as well.

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Definitely Reislings, one of the sweeter whites, and even sweeter are the Gewurztraminer and Liebfraumilch, also both whites. Then you want to look at Rose wines, just about all roses are sweet, one of my favorites is a Portugese brand called Mateus. Primarily white zinfandels are the most common rose wines. And if you want really sweet wine, though most reds are not at all sweet, you can get a lambrusco which is almost like a desert wine in a red. Of course you can always go with Boone’s Farm wines that are all kind of like alcoholic fruit juice. Most of these wines are cheap, Boones Farm and Lambruscos are the cheapest and Gewurztraminers are the most expensive, all are probably between $3 and $10 a bottle.

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Any of the “Frost Wines”. For whites, a Moselle.

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Sauternes get my vote.

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There’s always the old standby: Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill!

Okay, now Breedmitch can give you his serious answer. :D

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@augustlan Oh god… Boone’s Farm and Mad Dog 20/20. Two of the worst hangovers you’ll ever experience!

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I can’t believe I’m about to type this but dale, you’re wrong.
Oh most of what you wrote is correct but most rose wines are dry. White Zin is really not a rose. It’s a wine that had its fermentation stopped before all the sugars could turn to alcohol.

The European styles of rose tend to be light, crisp and dry dry dry.

All the posters here have the right Idea. A Riesling is gonna be your best choice for whites, but some from Alsace, Austria or even Germany can be made in a dry(not sweet) style. If you’re in a wine shop, tell the wine guy you want something with residual sugar (or RS). They’ll think you really know your stuff!

Gewurtz is great but just know that the well made ones will have a bit of “german cookie” spice (spice=gewurtz) in the background.

If you really want to try something great, find a nice boutique wine shop and ask them for a Chenin Blanc in a sweet style (or Sec) from the Loire in France. Chenin Blanc can be made to have some RS (they do this in South Africa, too—Steen) and these wines have sweetness and great complexity on top of that.

Now then, dessert wines are another whole topic but It’d take alot more time…

Reds? Well other than Lambrusco (which can be beautiful) or low quality (ie Manaschewitz) wines, there’s not much to explore. (That’s not entirely true—there are some amazing dessert reds if you’re willing to spend $)

@Buttonstc: Lurve for Sauternnes. They say once you discover them you never go back…

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@essieness I have to confess, I still like the taste of some Boone’s Farm stuff. Not a big wine drinker, so it has to practically be juice for me to like it.

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Edit: Not Sec, Doux. I got it backwards. (for the Chenin Blanc)

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There’s nothing sweeter than Manischewitz Extra Heavy Malaga. It will curl your toes.

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My favorite dessert wine is Tokaji AszĂș from Hungary. Its a bit pricy and you’ll need to search for it, but if you enjoy sweet wine, you will not be disappointed. You’ll find it offered at two sugar levels, 3 or 5 puttonyos with five being the sweeter of the two and my preference. I’ve turned quite a few people on to this stuff and nearly everyone flipped over it (even professed wine haters). Give it a shot….make that a sip. See ya…wtf

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@breedmitch – I stand corrected…I’m no wine expert, I just know that every rose I’ve ever had was sweet, and I stand by my recommendation of Mateus. But I’m sure you know what you’re talking about as well.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I’m definitely going to try these

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