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Is Everyone Saved? Muslim? Christians? Hindu? Etc.

Asked by steve6 (2559points) May 30th, 2009

Or is it just a fairy tale? Is there really a Hell? Why do some religions think they have the solitary answer?

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Nope, no hell. just a grave. you die, no afterlife.

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I don’t ask many questions.

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I wonder who amongst us can give a definitive answer? Wouldn’t everyones answers simply be speculation based on their own faith & beliefs?

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there might be an afterlife. have you aver heard that cockroaches are probabaly the only creatures that will live forever, well probably we might return as cockroaches…
which is gross, since i think they look like the devil!

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Try reading the Life of Pi by Yann Martel, ( gives a good review. ) This is an experience of a Muslim, Christian, and Hindu believer all in one…

Also, Buddhist temples can give much peace to the secular minded…

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Progressive forms of religion don’t claim to have the solitary answer. There’s no scientific answer to your question. It’s a matter of belief. If there’s an afterlife, everyone will get one.

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