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What's your most memorable experience with an unexpected wardrobe malfunction?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23981points) May 30th, 2009

Yep, title explains it all. This should be highly amusing.

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76 thousand people saw my junk on a stadium scoreboard screen four years ago… totally on accident mind you.

top that.

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Well once I was running late in the morning and I put my shirt on backwards and inside-out
And it didn’t even match with my jeans they were purple and the shirt was teal how did I miss that!!!
I felt like an idiot so my friend let me wear one of hers (she carries another one in her bag for emergencies)

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I walked into work and walked all the way across a room full of people with the back of my skirt tucked into my pantyhose. Didn’t notice it until I got to my office.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Do explain, please! Don’t tease us, it’s all in the details!

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Once I was wearing really tight jeans (I’m a guy, so I don’t usually wear them), and I had to pee really bad! I couldn’t get them to unzip, and I couldn’t get them down, so I was squirming all day (like I hadn’t peed from the night before until 7:30 PM), and eventually when I got home I was sliding them off slowly and they ripped and I got startled and peed all over myself.

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It was an office I worked so I was dressed somewhat professionally in a nice skirt. I went to the bathroom, nothing spectacular. Unbeknownst to me for 30 minutes I had part of the bottom of my skirt…tucked into my underwear revealing my underwear. I was completely oblivious until someone told me.

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@Mtl_zack – Ewwww hehehe did you splash the wall
I got another one: Well it’s about my friend she was once on her “days” and she was wearing some white shorts and I felt really bad about her an you may know what happens next girls

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I went on a field trip with my son to the planetarium when he was in kindergarten. I quickly grabbed my jacket, not knowing that my cat had sprayed on it. When we entered the planetarium I suddenly realized the terrible smell was coming from me. I was soooo embarrassed!

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I was at a buffalo bills game at ralph wilson stadium.

earlier in the day while tailgating with my brothers, I got tackled into a puddle, naturally I was soaking wet. luckily I had a spare pair of pants in my car from the night before, but didn’t have any underwear(don’t worry about it). At halftime I went to the john, came back, forgot to zip, my seat ended up being the winner of a fan appreciation day prize(got to meet the team after the game) they put me on the jumbo-tron, I stood up, dong fell out, my phone was immediately blown up with texts from the 30+ people I knew there around the stadium. I’ve never seen so many people take a collective gasp in my entire life…

best part, got a bunch of phone numbers from girls that whole second half… helllloooo confidence boost….

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Wow. That would truly be horrifying. But I’m glad it happened just so you could share! :D Haha!

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 lurve Even though you are a Bills fan. :P

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 – And here I thought you were just channeling Janet Jackson, but it turns out to have been true.

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bah, I’m kind of glad it happened…

after a drunk throng of mostly men sees you’re downstairs… you get to be pretty relaxed about being embarrassed from there on out…

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Skirt with a kick pleat up the backside had a seam that kept opening up and by the end of my work shift, the split was up at my bum and anytime I lifted a foot up on a box under my counter to rest my weight then anyone walking in back of me was having a good look at my knickers. It didn’t occur to me why so many people were coming into my little office and asking for bottled water from my mini fridge.

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When I was a freshman in highschool, I was really nervous and excited about going to my first homecoming dance.
A group of us met up and left in a limo. The limo was pretty crowded, and as I was getting up to move to the seat across from me, I suddenly noticed that the entire limo was silent, and everyone was staring at me.
The guy sitting next to me had sat on my skirt, and as I got up, the pressure had snapped my dress strap. The dress was loose and so I didn’t notice, til I looked down.
The freshman had managed to flash everyone in the limo!
I was mortified!!! When we got to the restaurant, I went from store to store to look for a sewing kit.
I spent the dinner of my homecoming sitting on a toilet in an Olive Garden sewing the strap back on to my black dress with white thread. (the only thread I could find)
I still have pictures from the night where all you can see is the white crooked stitches on my dress (there were black lights at the dance.)

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I was at the public library and this older high school couple (I was in middle school) kept staring at me from their table while I looked through the shelves for books.

Much later I realized my pants were unzipped. My red underwear stood out very well in the middle of my khaki pants.

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At work last summer (in a private home; I’m a nanny) I was wearing those patchwork Bermuda style shorts. The dad was working from home one day and I noticed he was acting weird but didn’t put much thought into it. I went straight from work out with a friend… within ten minutes of hanging out with my friend pointed out that my shorts were hugely ripped down the back. I was wearing a thong. It was highly visible. In front of my boss. All day.

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haha radar… amazing…

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Yeah, it was pretty awkward when I figured out what was up with my boss… I have no idea how I didn’t feel a breeze! Good times. :)

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Formal banquet for more than a thousand people. Me in a long ivory gown. I realized as we were about to be seated at our table for eight that the elastic in my pantyhose had suddenly disappointed me and I was about to be grievously embarrassed.

I whispered to my husband that I had to leave for a moment and not to say anything. Luckily that one time he did listen to me and did not do one of those major calling-attention “What’s the matter? Where are you going?” things.

Grasping the top of the pantyhose through my dress and kind of hobbling to keep my knees together, I managed to make it to the next room, an anteroom through which serving people were coming and going (with many open doorways leading into the banquet hall) and which was empty just for the moment. I could feel the pantyhose waistband sliding down my hips, the wrinkles gathering at my ankles. There was no way I could get as far as the ladies’ room.

A waiter came through carrying a tray and asked me if I was looking for something. I couldn’t shoo him away. I kept saying I just needed to be there by myself for a moment, but he wouldn’t leave. I must have looked seriously distressed by the time I persuaded him that he couldn’t help me, I was fine, and just to leave me alone. Finally he went on with his task.

Quick as I could, I slipped off my shoes and let the offending garment drop the rest of the way to my ankles. I grabbed up the pantyhose and wadded them into a little ball hidden behind my evening bag and went back to my seat. I whispered to my husband that I was putting something into his jacket pocket and he was not to react and under no circumstances must he pull it out. Luckily he didn’t, even though he must have been curious.

I just kept reminding myself that all present were paying more attention to themselves than they were to me and that as long as I acted like nothing was the matter, they probably wouldn’t notice.

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I was eleven years old, it was the day after Christmas, and I was body surfing at a popular surfing beach. A very popular beach. I got dumped by an unexpectedly large wave and when I reached the surface I realised that I was sans board shorts. They were nowhere to be seen and I was alone, my friends weren’t arriving until the next day. It was mid morning, there were thousands of people on the beach and I was bashful. I stayed in the water until after eight o’clock that night before sneaking home (we were staying in my uncle’s beachfront house). I looked like a prune, wrinkles that would have made a walnut envious.

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I was learning how to wakeboard, my brother who is a year or so younger than me had his friends on our boat. My parents and my sister were also there. I was in the water trying to get up onto the board as the boat was pulling. Now I had just gotten a new bikini, and the bottoms were a bit big. My mom and I had argued about what size to get, and since she was buying, she won. So anyway, my stepdad start making the boat go faster and I’m struggling to get up onto the board (I have no upper body strength WHAT SO EVER). So finally I pull my self up, and I’m like wow, I’m actually doing this. And then the bottoms to my bathing suit, just fall and then I fall and I practically drown forgetting I’m attached to a wakeboard. So pretty much all of my brothers friends, and my parents were all looking. Gross

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@Jeruba i love all of the suspense! you are a wonderful writer. how suspicious it must have seemed to your husband, as if you were a spy or something; telling him you’ll be back, and to not say a thing, and then telling him you’re putting something in his pocket and to not react. haha.

@ABoyNamedBoobs03 best story ever.

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@jonsblond what?! even though ?????? bills fans are some of the best fans in the nfl! wait… you’re not a Pats fan are you?!

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 I’m a Bronco fan. I feel your pain.;)

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Hey Broncos are my #2. My Sister lives out in Denver :), well Colorado Springs, technically.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 It’s going to be a tough season for me! :(

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@jonsblond oh yeah. Let’s go!....Kyle Orton?

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I’m in Denver :p

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I took my daughter to the circus several years ago. When we were leaving, there were people coming toward the venue to line up for the later show. I passed one family group heading for the ticket booth, complete with a young dad, mom, several kids, and pushing a stroller. I had an extra ticket, and approached the dad to share. We explained pleasantries, I gave him the ticket, and happened to look down and see his one-eyed willy winking up at me! I was so surprised I was unable to say anything, I grabbed my daughter’s hand and moved on.

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