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Xbox 360 or PS3?

Asked by JG117 (52points) May 31st, 2009

tell me what you like best xbox 360 or ps3?

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The Xbox 360 seems cheap at first compared to the PS3, after adding up all the little costs on top it’s normally a lot more, Wifi, online gaming, large hardrive, no blu ray, etc.

It was still a hard choice to make buy the PS3 had what I wanted.

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I’m with xbox 360 just because my best friend has it and it is fun to play Halo with her. We rock at king of the hill. And I am already familiar with the controls and games for it. I never tried a PS3 but I hear they are great.

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Only one has Halo. There’s your answer.

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I’m happier with metal gear solid, killzone, resistance, innhuman, uncharted, warhawk, Wipeout HD, little big planet etc.
Plus who wants to pay to play online? The xbox may seem cheeper at first but when you have bought some add ons it’s a rip off.
No blu ray, no Internet explorer (nice one microsoft)
Xbox is dying, PS3 is the best

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360…much better games, interface, much MORE games, gears of war is reason enough, online is amazing, MUCH more accesories, personalization, things to do, VERY easy to use! 360 all the way!

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360 its the hard core gamers console, and a huge online community, not to mention there adding Sky services and Digital Terrestrial services later this year too. No Blu-ray but I just put my ‘downloaded’ HD content onto a big usb stick whack it in, get codecs and bam HD video…also the undisputed ultimate controller of all time, much better feel than PS3 in every sense.

Gaming sense I know from some old contacts in the business that the 360 is apparently a lot easier to create games for, often the developer will focus their efforts on the 360 version then port to other systems, a port cannot be as good.

I wouldn’t push a product if I didn’t believe in it, and I’m a Linux user and I’m pushing it lol

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I bought a 360 and kind or regret it – wish I went with the PS3

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@btko you realize you basically said you regret dating Cat Deeley

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What about Both????
why Should I have just one of them????
I don’t understand the stupid war between USERS…
Both has good and bad things…

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@El_Perseguidor because who would spend nearly a grand buying both with games when they have a large number of identical titles anyway…its like buying 2 similar PC’s to play games on, normal money conscious people don’t do it.

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I hope someone comes to the correct conclusion soon, I am still playing my PS 2. I like to wait until they have been out for awhile and come down in price.

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I like the Xbox, but it has some issues. Mine has broken twice, and everyone i know who has one has had theirs break at least once. The damage comes from overheating. However, Xbox has a great library of games, and an even better online system. Xbox live is the reason to buy an Xbox in my opinon.

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@tobotron- undisputed ultimate controller of all time? That just sounds stupid, The controllers are so similar, if you are used to one then the other will feel crap, to me the xbox controller feels crap.

@papaleo- wii sucks, it’s for kids

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Well…. my friend, if you have the money…. why not?
plus…. is not the same buying two PC’s the analogy is ridiculous, Maybe a PC and Mac.. but.. anyways…
For Example
Games that you never gonna play in XBox:
Metal gear Solid 4
God of War
Little Big Planet
Killzone…. For me GOD of war justify the purchase
Games that you never gonna play in PS3:
Gears of War series
Halo 3
Left 4 Dead
Fable 2
Dead Rising
GTA IV 2 add on’s

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@evelyns_pet_zebra – 360 came out in 2005…thats 4 years ago…i paid $450, its now $199…i dont think waiting anymore will do anything lol.

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Xbox360 all the way, the reason: online game is amazing.

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Metal gear Solid is confirmed for XBOX 360

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@futurelaker88 well, you caught me, I was misleading. I simply can’t afford a new game system because I have these pesky monthly bills and property taxes to pay. When and if I can afford a new system, I’ll stick with the Sony PS3. maybe the PS9 will be out by then.

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Personally, I have both… but I did by my 360 before the PS3. I made sure I looked at the EXCLUSIVE games currently out and coming soon before making my decision.

I am an RPG fan, and oddly enough the 360 has quite a leg up on the number of good eastern and western RPGs so far.

Now that being said… I really enjoy my PS3 as well. The blu ray player is quite nice, and there are some really good games for it. I probably play both systems equally.

I think that this battle on “which one is more powerful” is pretty evenly split. The 360 has a stronger graphics card, while the PS3 has more processing power.

Honestly, it depends on what kind of games you play.

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Google Project Natal…its one amazing new control system coming out for the 360 as a type of answer to what the Wii is up to with its motion technology. Announced at E3 or E4 whatever its called apparently for a Winter 09 release I think the future of this tech is gonna be bonkers. Imagine COD4+5 with this technology…

and some real footage

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We have a PS3, the fact that it doubles as a blu ray player is what sold me. I don’t know anything about the xbox though, I’ve always owned playstations.

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DON’T GET A XBOX360!!! They may have quite a few games, but they crash non-stop…the average lifespan of a xbox360 is 2½ years and the support sucks and why don’t the leaders in software have some decent software inovations and a internet browser…COME ON MICROSOFT!

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Look, An Xbox 360 Has A Bunch Of Gory Games, The PS3 Is Good. But If I Had To Choose, The Xbox 360 Looks Funner All Of A Sudden, So Xbox

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Xbox tends to be cheaper, have better gaming, and it’s network doesn’t crash for months at a time….

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Which game console that I like is the PlayStation 3, because I love playing “God of War.”

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