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Are competetive eaters tested for marijuana when competing?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14626points) May 31st, 2009

Weed could be considered a performance enhancing drug in such a contest.

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I got nothin’ for this. Hilarious man. Great Question.

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Sorry for doing this but when I ask question that are not really meant to be answered they get deleted, what gives?

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How is this question not meant to be answered? A competitive eater with the munchies could have a distinct advantage over the competition.

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Just a great question. I can’t say I would have ever though something like this up.

But I really doubt they are actually tested for it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t happen, I just don’t think whoever runs those things will test them for marijuana.

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ya know, from what I hear you may have a point, hmmm….

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Takeru Kobayashi always wins the hot dog eating contest at Coney Island! He’s rather thin! Sooooo! Doobage is his secret, eh?

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@aprilsimnel We gotta test some of these guys.

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I’m surprised these people aren’t tested considering how much media coverage this disgusting (my very own opinion) type of spectacle gets and I’m sure there are advertisers who want to get in on it which means money and more media exposure which will drive competitors to try whatever they can to be able to gorge more.

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well if nothing else, these events showcase that even in their parade discipline (eating), large people can’t compete against thin people.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: I agree there should be testing because there’s bound to be jealousy and speculation on the skinnies versus the tubbies, might as well clear that up at the outset. Blech. Skinny, tubby, It’s just nasty for a human to turn themselves into a food wasting spectacle. I’d rather watch some guy staple his own scrotum, I can at least laugh at that.

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Wouldn’t the cottonmouth hurt your performance?

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Great question! Haha. I’ve never thought of it. I would be willing to be they’re not tested, but you do have a valid point.

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Weed won’t make your stomach larger, so no, it would certainly not be a performance enhancing drug.

If anything, weed would make the person have a snack beforehand, or not care about their strategy, or dry out their mouth.

I cannot see how weed would ever be an enhancing drug in this sport, let alone in any sport (I’m looking at you, Ross Rebagliati). Eating contests aren’t about eating, they’re about putting food inside of you at an extremely fast rate.

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@dynamicduo i dont know about all that. I could kick ass in an eating contest if i smoked first. It doesnt make your stomach larger no, but it allows you to eat A LOT more before getting full.

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@uberbatman I agree. Take last night for instance. I had already had the mini burgers from Jack in the Box and was really full. But after a few hits, I just couldn’t resist those chips and salsa… and the Reese’s cups… Thank god I don’t do that very often! ;)

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how did it take me a month to stumble over this one?

i kind of giggled out loud when i read it, because what a good question! i even googled it. nothing. huh. very GQ.

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