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So I'm stuck in Somerset County NJ for the summer, wheres a place to meet girls around here?

Asked by D353R7F0XX (25points) May 31st, 2009

I’d like to know where in this area is a good place to meet people preferably nerdy girls who like anime and that good stuff

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Just if possible, go down the shore. Seaside, Point Plesant, Wildwood. All those places are always swarming with cute girls. See if there are any comic book stores around, or maybe anime conventions, or any type of thing like that. Try coffee shops, bookstores. Just look around. Jersey is full of cute girls :D

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online if they have electricity there . . .

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@Kayak8 Why wouldnt there be electricity? Haha.

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@chelseababyy because it’s jersey. Lot’s of tv shows and movies compare it to a stone age hell.

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@Resonantscythe I’m from there, and believe me, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have electricity.

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Not on here!it’s full of Liberal,Gay,happy clapping self appreciating aliens.

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I think you may be SOL.

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I asked about electricty because the question asker made it sound like some backwoods locale that might be lacking in modern conveniences (like girls, who, it should be noted are also found in the backwoods locales)

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Go to the beaches to the arcades or drive into philly. Do you have no wheels at all for the summer? If not and you dont mind a little drive, go down to Baltimore for Otakon youll find all the nerdy girls you could ever wish for there :P Plus its a good time lol.

btw the backwoods area of jersey is in south the not up north. Up north is all toxic waste :P

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Jeeze guys. Jersey isn’t that bad.

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@chelseababyy i’ve lived in jersey my whole life. I love south jersey, i just think the north is a dump lol.We really should be two different states.

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@uberbatman WHAT! North Jersey is beautiful. I’m talking Morris/Sussex county. Warren is gorgeous also. Close to Mountain Creek and the Del Water Gap. There’s so much to do. How is it a dump? Haha. I’ve always thought Central Jersey is a shithole. I love South Jersey though.

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@chelseababyy Jersey just has a bad rep for some reason. Myself, I’ve only been to the grittier areas and the tap water there was not friendly. Can’t say i know anything about the better parts of jersey.

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@Resonantscythe I’ve never even heard of it having a bad rep until now. And I lived there all my life until I was 17. Weird.

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@chelseababyy Seriously? 85–95% of people’s opinion of jersey that I’ve heard has been negative.

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@Resonantscythe Yeah seriously. I’ve been ALL OVER the country. Been to like 18 states, lived in 5 and one other country and I’ve never heard anything negative about it. Half the people I’ve met know NOTHING about it.

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@chelseababyy: Yeah, I’ve only lived in the south, and I’ve pretty much only heard bad things about Jersey. Like in that movie, Miss Congeniality, where Sandra Bullock’s character is asked “Why is it called the Garden State?” and she says, “because ‘toxic waste dump’ wouldn’t fit on a license place. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :-(

I don’t think it’s a toxic waste dump though! When I drove through there a few years ago, I thought it looked pretty much like New York and Pennsylvania, but the no left turns things really threw me for a loop (ha ha ha).

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Maybe the thing is most people have only been to the crappy parts, like my own experience.

I also found this.
And these: 1 2

And we all know how people love a good( that is: inspiring of negative emotion) news story.

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your way up north in north jersey, in my eyes north jersey sucks butt.

I’m from south jersey and have lived here since i was young and its a great place.

If you want to meet girls as you say, get out of the house ALL THE TIME. Dont spend all your time in one place go to different spots where there are lots of people around your age and interact with them. And hope for the best :)

@chelseababyy im with you, ive never heard one negative thing about jersey. my best friend lives in philly and him and about 12 of his friends are moving to jersey for good this summer because the just finished school. So it cant be that bad :)

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Oh and i forgot, if you get a chance take a trip to Ocean City jersey. Yeah everyone says its overrated and just a big tourist spot but if you do things right there and know the things to have fun instead of being a shoebie you can have the time of your life.

Ocean city is two minutes away from my house and its gorgeous.

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just pointing out more jersey jokes, toxic avenger is from jersey, aqua teen hunger force is from jersey. I was just watching futurama last night and fry was looking for a new apartment, most of the ones he looked at were horrible, then he finally found one that was good. When he asked the realtor what was the catch he replied “well it is technically in jersey” to which fry was disgusted lol And last, who the hell hasnt ever heard someone say “dirty jersey” before?

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First off those things are cartoons that are a bunch of horse shit and retarded.

How about you come to jersey stay for a while and then talk crap.

Dirty jersey refers to alantic city or the camden area. mainly talking about the gang voilence and the racial brawls bewteen people. Or the grimy things they do or their living sitiuations and the drugs. They are not talking about the nice parts of jersey. so learn before you talk.

Soryy i take pride in where i come from. i dont sit on here and talk shit about some state i dont know because of some stupid cartoon. come live in the city i live in for two weeks and you will see that jersey is a beautiful place. !!!!!!!

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I think that a lot of people have negative views because if they fly in they most likely fly into Newark and everyone knows it’s disgusting there. A lot of people also go to places like Trenton, which yeah, is the capital but it’s also pretty crappy there.

@kayysamm You’re right, those cartoons are crap. Who cares about a cartoon, we’re talking real life here. And I guess a lot of people talk bad about North Jersey because if you go WAY North in Sussex, all there is is farmland, how that’s shitty compared to Newark or Camden? I’m not sure.

But like I said, I’ve never met anyone who I know who hasn’t liked Jersey, I love it, and I would move back in a heartbeat. It’s way better than a lot of other states that I’ve been to in this country, and I love it <3.

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I think you may be providing sufficient evidence for those who were speaking negatively of it…

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jersey = jersey girls = <33333333333333

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@uberbatman you say your from new jersey, alright cool why dont you take pride in where you live instead of bashing it because of some bullcrap cartoon. it seems like all you do is sit inside and watch those retarded shows and play video games i mean read your login name. why dont you get out and experience jersey the right way. Im sure maybe where ever you live is the bad part of jersey but EVERY state has a freaking bad part. I mean come on dude you need to think positive.

Im sure if you came out for two days with me and my friends and actually experience jersey the right way it would change your mind. And if not screw off !!

Everyone loves a jersey girl <3

@chelseababyy yeah when people visit up north in jersey or the captial the expect such big things because a) its the captial and b) its close to new york. New flash though, most captials suck. haha. but I lived in Mississippi when i was younger and dont get me wrong growing up in the south was amazing and i loved it but when it comes down to it jersey is where my hweart is :)

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Well, hanging on Fluther is not going to do it.

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@kayysamm Yeah. I hear you. Where I’m from is still 45 minutes to the City. It’s not north east, it’s like Central North. I love Jersey so much <3

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@kayysamm I do love nj but that doesnt mean im going to look past its obvious downsides. I do get outside a lot actually. Take a walk through wharton state forest and tell me you can walk more than 100 feet without seeing trash of some nature. We have a lot of really beautiful places here, im not going to deny that, but we’ve ruined most of it with litter. Your not even legally allowed to camp in wharton state forest because so many people leave trash and bottles behind. Geographically speaking though, new jersey is awesome. We have mountains, beaches, forests,fields and are close to 5 major cities.

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If you talk crap on new jersey because people littet you need to grow up, honestly. Everystate no matter where it is has litter. Just because you crossed a state line doesnt mean there willl be no litter. Litter is everywhere and your not going to be able to run away from it. If it bothers you that much join some organzation that helps clean up and teach and show people not to do it. but dont sit online and bash your home state. thats retarded.

New jersey is beautiful along with every other state, we have the shore (wildwood, ocean city, LBI, cape may), we have alantic city. We have great land. Still no reason to have a cartoon back up your conflicts.

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lol ok kayysamm. Im not going to argue it any further, you seem to be in the delusion that NJ is the most perfect state out there and is SOOOOOOOOO clean. I on the other hand am more realistic. NJ is great, ive said that many time before, its just fucking dirty.(btw im not talking littler like oh look theres a little bottle or a cigarette butt, im talking look theres 3 fucking tires, the axle to a car, 4 bags of trash, and an old smashed tv litter.)

And really, wtf does this being my home state have to do with anything. I was born here, i didnt choose to live in NJ, it just happened. Does that mean i should hold some kind of special loyalty to it and look past its flaws? Fuck no.

The cartoon doesnt back up my conflicts, i was just pointing out that im not alone in making fun of NJ since some of you never heard any jokes about it. We are a toxic dump, face it.

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@uberbatman True that. I still love Jersey. And I can look past the flaws, just because I think it’s a great state. But to each his own!

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New jersey is a great state and you ned to get over yourself.

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I am currently working in Jersey well only for a few more days here in Ocean Township. It seems nice but after working in Hazlet and Brick sadly when I was debating on moving here every one told me not to… I do kinda like it and enjoy the weather but it would seem that Jersey doesn’t like me, since I have worked here I have had a car die, got a new car had it broken into, and on my way back up here things flew off my car and I managed to lose my wallet and check card, I know there is more but am so tired. But I don’t hold it against the state but apparently the state doesn’t like me :-(

Haven’t gotten a chance to check out the beach hopefully when I am done I will get to.

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Btw this picture is from my last nature walk.Shame i didnt take a picture of the big pile of shit behind me.

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@Kayysamm I have lived in NJ all of my life. I love it here, I do think it is pretty nice. We do have parks, mountains, forests, and beaches. How ever NJ is extremely dirty. There is no hiding it as much as you would like to. And Uber obviously loves NJ as well, but he isnt going to look past the flaws just because he lives here that is stupid. You shouldnt look past the flaws either. Know why? Because it is a PROBLEM. And people should be aware of these problems. NJ environment is suffering and no one can enjoy it when thats going on. These lovely beaches you speak of are littered everyday. Events such as this happen all the time. New Jersey is one of the most populated states in the US, and we generate a whole lot of litter. More then most states, and it has become a major problem. I can not walk down the street without seeing obnoxious amounts of trash. And I am not talking a paper bag here, a bottle there I am talking freaking furniture and other miscellaneous objects. I would also recommend staying away from Atlantic City unless you are a gambler. Wild Wood if anything is the better of the beaches. Did you also know that New Jersey has the most beautiful sunsets? You want to know why? Because we create the most air pollution in the US. The chemicals cause a massive light show when the sun sets or rises for that matter. New Jersey Facts look at number 2 right there. Now I am not saying there are not any good things about New Jersey because obviously that list, lists many good qualities as well. I am not saying we are not trying to fix the problem , but I am saying that there is a problem and you need to snap out of your perfect little world. Now I have done plenty of my own research for classes and environmental clubs at my school, so I do know the facts and yes NJ is indeed a MESS. We have all these beautiful places and we the people destroy them, and not enough people strive to clean it. All I am asking is to Get Educated

P.S- You do realize the saying “Everyone loves a Jersey Girl” originated from the assumption that Jersey Girls are a bunch of party girls, who are an easy lay right? So unless that’s how your trying to come off, I really wouldn’t suggest using it.

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@Kayysam Also before you go on about where I live it is different, I live in a place called Mount Laurel. Its filled with “richies”, and used to be all farms. It is farm from being rated next to Camden, yet still the trash and pollution still find its way there. Walk down your street one day, and just count every piece of trash you see anything from candy wrappers to cigarette butts. Don’t tell me its close to nothing, unless you have a highly environmentally involved community.

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Cleaning the Air
The Impact of Air Pollution in New Jersey

For anyone else interested in learning something.

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Im not sayign new jersey doesnt have a crap load of trash but im saying alot of places do.

The kid asked what he should do while he is here or how to meet girls i told him my response on how to make friends and then commented on ubermans bash talking it.

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Comic shops are always a great place to meet nerdy chicks – isn’t Kevin Smith’s store around there somewhere?

Another Jersey joke: If New Jersey is the armpit of the US, then Florida must be…

@kayysamm My impression was that uberbatman was more giving a backwards props to NJ for being so…Jersey. I, for one, love the fact that the Aqua Teens and Earl Hickey live in Camden. I think that the world is a better, quirkier, more interesting place for New Jersey’s existence in it, and that those shows and others like them (and movies – think Clerks!) are actually drawing on the viewer’s enjoyment of the quirkiness. Those of us who watch cartoons are usually being complimentary to the place, thing or idea in question when we compare it to the way it was handled in the cartoons we love.

I really enjoy the beautiful parts of NJ, including the industrial wasteland from a distance. Then again, there is a distinct Jersey smell that always hits me on the drive between NYC and Philly – but this would be one of the worse areas, I suppose, and so bad to use as an example.

I am about to move to Jersey City, and am extremely impressed with how clean and beautiful it is, especially when compared to the giant cauldron of human waste that is much of NYC. Recently I saw a guy unzip and pee on a tree on Broadway, in the middle of the day, in front of the busy entrance of a retirement community. Totally nonchalant about it. Unbelievable.

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i’ve always wanted to go to jersey! everyone says i’m crazy, except for the people who have actually been/lived there

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