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Has anyone ever used 'Wirefly' to start a new cell phone service with a new cell provider from your current provider?

Asked by lollipop (734points) June 1st, 2009

I am considering using them as I am ‘house bound’ and could get it quicker to order online than by other means, I have checked Verizon itself and the price is quite different.

What was your experience using Wirefly to start a new service or change from one to another? Please give me details. What is the easiest way to know what model of phone is the better one if you only want ‘blue tooth’ and possibly txt ability? I am considering LG or possibly Samsung. We have LG now and it has been a good phone, But I have had 3 or 4 of other brands myself and have had trouble with all of them. How do we know it is the phones fault vs the providers? Any helpful tips, experience, very welcome-good an bad!

I had Cingular then it went to ATT (nothing but trouble since) and want to take a risk with Verizon as it appears to be ‘good’ in my area, hopefully for the better.

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There are a lot of horror stories around. I would check carefully.

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@DarkScribe and Who are referring too? Wirefly? Verizon? LG?....

I have read different opinions and I realize it is a ‘gamble’ when it comes down to it, but thought maybe there is something I am missing also. I have used Wirefly in the past also so just wanted to here others comments or experiences.

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I have Verizon. Also, it works pretty fine with me. Also, I have the LG Chocolate 2. Just take the risk!

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I placed an order with wirefly without doing any research. While I was waiting for order to go through, I started doing research. It was about 90% negative on Wirefly from what I read. Then my order didnt go through. Their prices are great, becuase you are locked into some form of service for a set period of time. My deal was 6 months and had to get data service. I tried again to place an order , then after waiting yet another day, it was out of stock. I was relived, cancelled order an dfelt better afterwards. It made my waivering on just getting iphone easier.

I handle cell contracts for my firm, and the other firms I have worked for . Contracts with avg 30 users. I have tried almost every provider. THEY ALL HAVE ISSUES. All cell phones have issues.

Pay attention as there is NO NUMBER to contact wirefly . Unless you are ordering then a screen pops up. the language barrier (India) was horrible.


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@30agirl Thanks for all the info regarding Wirefly, I had dealt with them when I first signed up with ATT and had forgotten about the India thing and the ‘problem when contacting’!

The only problem with going through Verizon it appears they have discontinued the 1400 min choice for a family plan and the prices have gone up considerably….so that is why I was considering the other option. Guess I am back to ‘square one’ again :(, I tried to call Verizon on the 800 number just to ask questions and all they want to do is ‘get your order’ and not answer any questions! Which I find very annoying! Plus they are saying I would have to have my b.f. call and order since he is the main income provider an yet, I have the ‘credit’ and I have always been the one to sign us up before with the other providers….so I don’t get it!

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