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What's the best provider of rural internet service in the United States [Midwest]?

Asked by ibstubro (18730points) July 3rd, 2014

I currently have Wild Blue, and it is expensive will poor service.

My cell phone provider us US Cellular, and service is good.

There is no dial up service and I have no television service. None.

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Hughesnet is the best we’ve been able to find. We first tried Verizon, then Wild Blue, but their plans were too expensive for what we need.

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GA, @jonsblond. I thought you all had Wild Blue.

I called Wild Blue yesterday, and since they forced me to buy the equipment and pay installation at the time I enrolled, they now have a $75 fee for a technician to come adjust the antenna so it will work.

To PM.

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Comcast was my neighbors’ choice in Ohio. I sort of borrowed their signal(s).

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How’s that delivered, @Dan_Lyons. I’m not sure we have Comcast.

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Yep, Wild Blue is really pricey, I am in the high foothills of the Sierras here and had a hell of a time finding good service in my rural area for years, I was at the bottom of a canyon within a canyon. haha
I now have U-Verse and am happy with it but it may not be available in your zone.

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Vonage if we’re talking rural phone and internet. And Verizon if you’re talking any place in general outside of a major city metropolis.

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When we lived in the Midwest, we had Cox. I hated it, but it was the best that was available in our area.

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I miss Comcast, but we can’t get it in rural locations. Their customer service is crap, but there are no data limits. So many people complain about Comcast, but they don’t know how lucky they are to have them as an option. Satellite sucks, but that’s what we’re stuck with when we’re not within city limits.

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For the record, I am talking about rural rural. Satellite-based-internet rural.

Wild Blue makes my blood boil, @Coloma. As in I have been to the State’s Attorney General and won, blood boil. I’m considering that action again.

I’m happy with my US Cellular, @MarvinPowell, if Vontage is a bundle. I don’t recall hearing of Vontage in my area, either.

I already hate Wild Blue, @Seaofclouds, so Cox is a wash. :)

Then I can’t get Comcast, either, @jonsblond.

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@ibstubro It was a cable signal. But they also provided wifi.
Comcast was in a rural setting.

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Hughesnet is the best available to me, and it sucks.

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My fear, @filmfann, in “upgrading” to Hughes from Wild Blue, at a cost increase.

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@ibstubro If I could have any kind of wired internet, I would gladly pay the penalty fees to get rid of Hughesnet.

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When I got Wild Blue, @filmfann, the only option was buying the equipment and paying for installation, to the tune of about $500. I pay $50 a month for basic internet. Now they tell me that since I own the equipment, there’s a $75 fee for them to come out and make it work. Hence this question.

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