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Women, are you intimated by most males?

Asked by killertofu (115points) June 2nd, 2009

It seems true that other guys are intimated by highly attractive females. Is this true for you? Even if they aren’t highly attractive but cute to you?

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YEAH [blushes] when they look me in the eyes or just stare at me…

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Not at all.

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Do you mean “intimidated”? “Intimated” means “implied or suggested.”

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i’m intimidated by typos.

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It’s quite the opposite actually :)

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Nope. I’m rarely intimidated (I assume this is what you mean) by anyone regardless of sex.

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what about shorter, chunky guys? How do they make you feel? Is their dynamic personality more alluring and can that be intimidating?

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Notice the “timid” in “in-timid-ated.” That might help.

I’m not afraid of anyone. Not unless it’s someone armed and threatening bodily harm or just looking seriously menacing.

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Intimidated by guys I find really attractive? Yeah. I’m learning that that feeling means I’m putting them on a pedestal, where they don’t need to be, so I should go over and A) talk to them like a human being and not a demi-god, and B) let them decided for themselves whether or not I’m worth talking to instead of making that judgement for them.

The “intimidation” I made myself feel left a lot of men who would’ve reciprocated my interest over the years think I wasn’t interested when I was just scared and shy. :/

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No, I’m not. Cute, not so cute…nope. Short, tall, fat, skinny. I like men & I relate to them easily.

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what’s there to be intimidated by??

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Only if he’s green with muscles ripping out of his shirt and he has anger issues.

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I know the question said “women”, but I’m attracted to men, so I felt I could answer.

I get intimidated by straight guys sometimes. For various reasons, but not because they’re attractive or not. One because I fear homophobia and two because I think they’re going to see me as weaker or less manly. As for them being attractive, I am just more awkward around them if I feel a strong attraction, but intimidated is not the right word. As for cute, not at all. Cute is just adorable-I-to-give-them-a-huggle. I couldn’t be intimidated by cute boys. :)

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adorable-I-to-give-them-a-huggle. lurve dude :))

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I’m with @dynamicduo
I’m very rarely intimidated
I intimidate others, they say
but it’s not my intention

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Well, I have a friend/crush/future lover ahem who fits that description. I just love him. He is so cute and is the most harmless person I know.

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There are some people that are just intimidating to me-doesn’t matter their sex.

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God yes. I’m completely intimidated. But I’m sure it’s got to do with my self esteem. However men, in general, are super intimidating.

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very very rarely am i intimidated. and it is only with men. it seems to be because they are different…i’m not really sure why. it may not even be intimidation…
i’m not so sure

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You should be. Even though that feeling of intimidation makes you feel weak. I know you will have none of that.
The problem is, sorry guys. Men are dogs, and yes there are plenty of good dogs. But still dogs. Take your guard down or run out of doggie bones and you will get bit.
Only through proper handling and understanding/respecting how that creature operates, will you feel less intimidated.

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Like Simone_De_Beauvoir, I’ve often been told that I’m intimidating. I don’t knowingly do anything at all to have that effect. It’s completely unconscious and unintentional. A few times I have actually asked someone what it is that I’m doing and how I can change it, and each time the other person has said “You can’t do anything about it. It’s their problem.” (These were people who obviously didn’t feel intimidated.) Sometimes I am told it is because I have an intense gaze. That must be because I am paying attention, no other reason. Some folks must be awfully easily frightened and put off.

Maybe you are feeling intimidated by someone like me who has no intention of intimidating you and may not even know they’re doing it. Most people will respond warmly to a friendly approach. I like to take on the grouches and the scary ones and the eccentrics and turn them into friends. It isn’t hard to do. If someone intimidates you, smile and greet them in a friendly way and see what happens next.

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