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Do women find it attractive to see a man's package or bulge in his pants?

Asked by Ansible1 (4836points) October 2nd, 2009

I was watching a movie review for the 80’s movie ‘Labyrinth’ done by a female presumably in her 20’s. She had several drooling/jaw dropping moments over Bowie’s tight pants and his “bulge”. It was as if a guy was admiring a woman with a low cut shirt, or short skirt. Is the sight of a man’s package the equivalent to these things? I speculate that it may be attractive to some women and her reactions were over the top on purpose.

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If you’ve seen one pack of franks and beans, you’ve seen them all.~

Seriously, I like the male anatomy, but random male anatomy does not do much for me.

Women and men are different that way.

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I do.
When I see ‘em, I look at ‘em like this

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I actually find that really creepy. Some things are just better kept to yourself.

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I’m a vote on the “not for me” side. But on a side note ‘labyrinth’ is an excellent movie!

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One woman i used to work with would constantly stare at my “bulge”, and tell me about it as well. she thought it was great.

it obviously worked for her.

not saying this to self-promote

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I’m not a woman, I’m a gay guy, but I wanted to share my opinion as well:

I do find it attractive in that I’m aroused by it, but I don’t really like tight pants; there are just some instances where it is visible and that turns me on. Just sayin’. It’s not a big deal, though and I wouldn’t like “drool” over it.

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Usually, no.
But David Bowie’s bulge in the movie is hot. It’s inexplicable. The man simply sweats sex.

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there’s one specific bulge I enjoy quite a bit… hehe.. but otherwise, meh. Sometimes.

What gets ME going is a nicely visible pelvic bone and a litle happy trail ;)


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I hate it. i used to have a guy friend who was always wearing basketball shorts and i could ALWAYS see a bulge. it weirded me out. i like penises but i dont want to see a bump there all the time!!!!! its just odd.

the exception to this opinion is michael phelps in his swimsuits.

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I love Labyrinth, and I think David Bowie is really hot, but his giant pants bulge was at best campy and at worst kind of creepy. (It’s a kids’ movie!) It works on someone audacious like David Bowie, but on most guys it’s gross.

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@eponymoushipster Exactly. But sweatier and sexier. :)

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@deni Heh…my boyfriend wears basketball shorts a lot. Can’t say it’s a bad thing. ;)

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Yuck. Now a nice muscular chest, abdomen, or back, absolutely. But that’s just not pretty to look at.

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@DominicX Your basketball shorts comment reminded me of my high school days. One particular basketball player never wore those little shorts underneath and was extremely well-endowed (maybe too much so). Also, the track team would wear those onsies, yum. Cheerleading was great.

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I think I’d be neutral – I’ve seen bulges, I’ve checked them out but more with a passing glance than anything else

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I’m not a fan of super tight pants but seeing the occasional bulge is a turn on.

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ewwww embarrassing. you don’t know where to look – tight pants on anybody over 22 look stupid

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No, I would rather see his biceps and triceps. Turns me on every time if they are nice and not overly muscular.

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It just kind of weirds me out, like I accidentally walked into a porno.

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I’m reading some of these and a lot of the answers are mixed. “only if their celebrities” or “if they’re a certain age.”

Maybe the question should say, “If you find someone somewhat attractive do you enjoy the bulge?” Obviously no one wants to see something like that if you’re not attracted. For instance, camel toe through a leotard is just wrong. Well, leotards are just wrong, but camel toe doesn’t help.

I’ve had women stare and women not. I’ve had women pay real close attention to my nicely toned forearms due to playing guitar for over a decade. Plan and simple, women each one breeds their own different types of attractions. While guys are much more similar to each other in that sense.

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i got ya bulge right here

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Like this?


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What’s wrong with you people

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@Facade good genes and banana republic slacks. :)

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At least in a Speedo it’s not all that….. but Robert Plant’s? Wow. Looks like he’s growing some kind of plant in there!

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I don’t really keep it in my wallet, he was just one of the most famous bulge’s, he rocked.

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@bumwithablackberry just liked having it near your butt, is that it?

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Not really.

If you’re wearing normal pants/loose pants and the girl already finds you cute, then catching a glimpse of the outline might feel naughty/arousing but just seeing a random package outline is NOT sexy.

If the guy’s hot, it’s kind of hot. If he’s not, it’s disgusting. D:

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Bowie is…. ew….

Catching a glimpse of an outline of a particularly attractive guy is… mmm

A guy that I have a playful sort of complicated not-a-relationship with has this one pair of pants that he never manages to keep on for long around me.
If it weren’t someone that I wanted to perceive in a sexual way, though, I wouldn’t find it at all attractive and would do my best to ignore it.

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@saeru – you mean like this?

I think I’ll go take a shower now. And I don’t mean I need to cool off.

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@poofandmook “What gets ME going is a nicely visible pelvic bone and a litle happy trail ;)”

Oh. God. Yes.

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@MagsRags OH DEAR LORD. Ahahaha. Exactly.

i will not sleep tonight, thanks D: D: D:

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I agree with @poofandmook and @delirium: I am sort of “turned off” by the bulge, but give me a pelvic bone and/or a happy trail and I will follow that guy anywhere.

Like this. (Yes, I realize it’s Jared Leto and many of you think he’s yucky, but seeing him like that was the first time I realised how much I liked the pelvic bone thing.)

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Yes I love a nice bulge, mainly I love to see my fiances in his skinnys

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No. Thank you.

I like @syz‘s answer.

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Random bulges, gross. Someone I want, swell. So to speak…

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I’m too old, I shouldn’t be responding to this but I will anyhow. I don’t particularly like tight pants (or light colored bike shorts, etc.) but I have always thoroughly enjoyed spotting the outline through the slacks or jeans. The hint is more intriguing to me than the obvious flaunting. I feel the same about women and their dress.

Example – in the movie Juno when the track team goes running by!

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@rooeytoo I was literally just about to mention the Juno scene. I agree that the “hint” is better; that’s why I like the whole basketball shorts thing…

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@DominicX Expanding on his point, I agree that really revealing clothes generally don’t swing it (unless if its someone I am madly attracted to in the first place). There is something about the element of ambiguity (perhaps imagination) that makes it attractive.

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First off I adore David Bowie, and I found his bulge quite distracting in the Labyrinth. With that said I do not like seeing guys in tight pants, it’s weird. But talking to a guy I’m attracted to and seeing a hint of what’s in his pants does make my eyes dilate. :)

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@Axemusica ohh nice forearms…..i begin to sweat thinking about it. i love nice arms.

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Every once in a while I’m given a hard time for using a ‘manbag’. We humans carry around a lot of different devices and such these days..

Therefore I say this: There’s only supposed to be one bulge in a mans pants.

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@deni lol, I didn’t mean I’m totally ripped, I’m far from it, but my forearms a very defined muscle wise IE tone. Although, I’ve been working the rest to match with the perfect pushup.

@Noel_S_Leitmotiv lol, what no wallet?

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Wallet goes in the bag as well.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv no I meant for the bulge. I mean if there’s a bulging package that means by default there shouldn’t be a bulge from the wallet?

I’ve been thinking about changing the wallet to some other way though. Sitting on it all the time has become a real pain. literally.

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I’m a woman and for me, it’s all about who’s sporting the bulge. Bulge in general doesn’t do it for me, same with pics of penises- there’s no turn on unless I see the whole or if I know who the disembodied bulge/penis belongs to.

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Umm no because I can only think of Ben Stiller in Dodgeball and It makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Plus I do not think men with nut hugging jeans is attractive not to say that there isn’t woman out there that would be attracted to them and their bulges. Just not this woman

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@Axemusica well i think big arms that are too ripped and muscle-y are unattractive. just a nice toned strong arm. o!

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@deni ^Totally agree with You!^

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Not this one.

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I’m not a woman, But I feel happy whenever I see a hot guy “pushing box” ! Wouldn’t it be a letdown to see flatness where there should be something?

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ok, I tried to come up with this clever joke, probably to disguise my answer, but… yes. Yes, I stare. And I not shy about staring either. But not obvious.. But I don’t mind that you know that I’m looking…ummm..ok, I’m done now.

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If they would just surprise us. Women love surprises!

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So…can anyone answer my secondary question…Is admiration of the male bulge in any way associated with the males attraction to cleavage/mini skirts?

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I wouldn’t know. I haven’t had a sex change….

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What else could they have been staring at down there?

Well yes, my shoes get admired too…

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All of those saying “no” are full of shit.

We see you girls checkin’ out our trunks.

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I got the grower, not the shower, so only way I can bulge is when people get jealous, gives me a chubby.

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@bumwithablackberry what? That either doesn’t make sense or I need to go to bed, lol.

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at the the labrynth bitI am so glad I am not the only person who has noticed that in that film…the grinch is the same…I personally don’t find it a turn on and find men in tight trousers often quite upsetting…tho to be fair if I dont like it why am I looking there huh? That I can not answer its probably some instinctual reaction or possibly a strange turetz type of thing. Its like you know you not supposed to look there but that makes it impossible to look anywhere else even if you dont actually wanna see…but my honest opinion is no…

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@jonsblond That biker pic was disturbing to say the least…

Can we at least choose better junk? Or we could just look at Chris Pine.

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@Saturated_Brain – thank you for that better junk. Thank you.

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I’m not just talking about tight pants here, people.

A nice silk suit will outline a man’s package wonderfully.

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I almost always freeball. Now and then I’ll wear Calvin Klien boxer briefs.

They provide lifting and defining support for the junk, there must be some reason such is available.

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Not into it. I am more atracted to a man in fabulous fashion, then naked or showing bulges. I don’t find it attractive when a women has her boobs hanging out either, especially if they are super oversized, but I do appreciate the curve of a woman’s body.

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