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What can I buy for my 16 year old sister?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) June 2nd, 2009

For under 200 dollars

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Is this for her birthday? Graduation? What are her interests?

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It’s just a random gift haha I’m not exactly sure of what she is interested in nowadays

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Describe her….

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go on a roadtrip with her

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an ipod nano.

a used iphone.

200 packets of ramen noodles.

a $200 gift card to a variety of stores, preferably one she likes.

and the always popular $200 cash.

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How about a pre-paid VISA card loaded with $200 and she can use as she pleases.

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@swtsally you mean a toy car(hot-wheels)?

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@cyndihugs no i mean a real car. seriously.

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@swtsally for $200? where?

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how long would that take?

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I lurve eponymoushipster’s idea. Buy a gift card….

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@cyndihugs dont ask me ask whoever’s building it.

fyi…i really was jk…

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An ipod touch from Costco – greatest ipod so far!! or the ever popular gift card to her favorite store. I also think the roadtrip is an outstanding idea – brother/sister bonding, memories shared, confidences that can last a lifetime…. :)

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@swtsally I knew you were joking. I get sarcasm. I just wanted you to go along with what I was saying…. :)

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It really does depend on her personality but a lot of girls this age like music, boys, makeup, clothes and taking pictures of themselves looking cute.

If she doesn’t already have a camera, $200 will get you a great digital these days.

I effin’ hate gift cards, but if she’s girly, and you want one that she’ll love, get her one for Sephora. She’ll be able to use it to buy the latest and coolest makeup, skincare and perfume for the next year.

If you tell me a little bit more about her personality, I could probably help you find her a great gift.

And then there’s always trapeze lessons

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I want a brother who randomly gives me $200 gifts!

How about taking her on a mini-shopping spree? Same idea as a gift card, but you get to spend time together, too.

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I would have to say a ipod

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