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Aggression in a great dane puppy?

Asked by mom2lots (10points) June 4th, 2009

The breeder replaced my 9 month old male dane with a 6 week old female from different parents after he bit my son. The puppy is very bitey ,sasses back by grumbling when corrected and growled and bit at me when I was carrying her inside..Is this another bite in the making?

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yep probably so. maybe you’re not a dog person? idk. my next door neighbor had a full grown great dane, but he was only aggressive when he was behind the fence, but when he was out he was very friendly.

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I don’t trust dogs. They’re all sons of bitches.

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I have known nice danes but I have met some nasty aggressive ones as well. I would not like that behavior in a 6 week old pup, but that is young enough that you should be able to correct it. Talk to a trainer, get it into an obedience class.

Have you met the parents of the pup, what sorts of temperament did they have? And what sort of breeder is this, do they breed for show or just to have pups to sell? A reputable breeder is more likely to breed for temperament as well as a look.

It would worry me that 2 dogs from the same kennel have the same tendencies. Did you have the first one to obedience classes?

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Thanks for the response. I have had dogs all my life,but adopted an older great dane female who made me adore the breed. She was the best..
The first pup I had was not formally trained ,but was taught sit stay wait and was obedient ,all around a good dog . He would stare at us in our eyes however. He showed no aggression up to the day he bit my son for sitting beside him with a plop while he was sleeping. It was a bite that broke skin.
This breeder only sells the pups as pets,not show. She was genuinely surprised that the first dog bit and replaced him out of sympathy.
The breeder provided the sire,the bitch belonged to another breeder supposedly.
The puppy is now 9 weeks to BTW,sorry my mistake on not being clearer

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How did you correct the dog?

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This is how I think I would handle it, I would get online and find a great dane list, show people and obedience people should be involved, I would ask their advice regarding a good trainer in your area and then have the pup evaluated by the recommended trainer.

There will be many ideas about how to correct issues such as this. I personally think biting is a serious offense and I punish so there is no doubt that this is not allowed, because biting dogs usually end up being dead dogs. But many will argue how to achieve that end,that is why I suggest an evaluation by a trainer other dane people recognize as being qualified.

A chihuahua can give a child a nasty bite but a dane can totally maul if it is so inclined.

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Perfect advise, I will check around with the great dane rescue group locally.
They should have some ideas on trainers.. I was unprepared for this behavior from her,my male exibited none of these behaviors,neither did the female I owned previously.
When both puppies bit while playing I said AAH!!and walked away from them.
This worked with the male,has had no effect on the female.. She also urinates frequently in the house,sometimes after being outside.

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Six weeks old? No responsible breeder places puppies this young! At six weeks, she is going to lack in the proper socialization from her mother and littermates that would help her be social.

In addition, if she is from the same lines as the aggressive puppy you have back, why would you expect her to turn out differently?

“This breeder only sells the pups as pets,not show”
This is always a red flag, in my opinion. Responsible breeders do something to actually show that their dogs are breeding quality- they show or work their dogs. Did you see any health documentation for the parents? OFA, CERF, etc?

Sorry to be negative, but this sounds like an irresponsible breeder and a poor fit for your family. An aggressive Dane is not a good family pet. I agree with rooeytoo a qualified Dane expert should evaluate this puppy ASAP before you get too attached.

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“She also urinates frequently in the house,sometimes after being outside.”

She is six weeks old. She can no more be totally housebroken at this age than a three-month-old human baby can be potty trained.

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It is really to late to not be attached,having to give up the first pup was very traumatic for the family,especially my teen daughter with autism. She overheard me talking to hubby about possibly not keep this pup as well and she was very upset..
So ,I will find an expert and make sure the pup can be trained safe for my family
Thanks for all the good advise

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“So ,I will find an expert and make sure the pup can be trained safe for my family”

Do be aware and realize that some dogs can never be safe. I am not saying that that is the case with your puppy, but if an expert says that she is dangerous, please listen.

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