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Are you for or against the "two-state solution" of Palestine/Israel why or why not?

Asked by ESV (468points) June 4th, 2009 from iPhone

Does your ‘faith’ / ‘Holy Book’ permit partitioning of the Holy Land like that without any consequence?

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Whatever stops the violence now and whatever ceases future violence, opression and persecution.

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I am against the U.S. doling out real estate abroad when there are folks here at home with none.

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I don’t have a solution. I’m just watching and waiting.

(As far as I know the US doesn’t own Israel anyway, so I don’t know how the US could be“doling out” anything over there…Besides, do you really want to move to the West Bank, @Blondesjon? Me, I think I’ll stay here…)

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@La_chica_gomela . . .don’t think we aren’t major players in this

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@Blondesjon: Are you saying you would you be thrilled to move to the West Bank?

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@La_chica_gomela . . .oh, hell no. i’m just saying that there are u.s. dollars being spent on this that could be better spent somewhere else.

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This is not a simple “yes/no” answer, as there are many things to consider, for example “when?” or “under what conditions?”. It is obviously a complicated situation with no easy solutions anymore. But yes, a two-state solution could be one of the viable scenarios. Btw there have been many agreements, decrees and resolutions so far that looked great on paper, but none of them have worked. I have explained why elsewhere.

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Its in Gods Hands.

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I don’t have a “holy book” to tell me otherwise, so on that note…Yes I think a two state solution is the answer. National borders should not be decided over hundreds of years old books. The violence needs to stop and I think a 2 state solution is the best hope for that.

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Better spent somewhere else?
By somewhere else I suppose you mean the US.
People are dying in Israel and Palestina. Are you suggesting trying to prevent this is not worth a few billions?

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@ragingloli . . .People are dying everywhere. Including here. Why don’t we fix our problems before we tackle the rest of the world’s.

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As someone raised in an environment where people of all faiths and races get along to some degree, I can’t even begin to fathom why they have to fight so much. I would personally like to see them share the land, maybe even become ONE government, combined.

But I have no idea how the hell to do it, since they seem pretty hell bent on killing one another. Maybe integrating the schools or something? I know they have like camps and stuff where Israelis and Palestinians (children) both go and get along just fine…. If you can instill them getting along and working together in their youth, when they grow up they’ll still have that. Just an idea though.

As far as spending money there… I agree there are better places we could be spending our money (we’re only doing marginally better here in the states at the moment, for example)... But honestly, it’s a relatively low sum we spend there compared to other areas.

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When it comes to foreign aid, the US is about as cheap as it can get. We are spending almost all our money at home, when compared to other nations. Only that notorious xenophobic nation, Japan, is as cheap as we are.

We spend less than two-tenths of one percent of our gross national income on foreign aid. Even Portugal spends more!

Not that it matters. Most of our foreign aid is actually domestic aid. It requires the countries we give it to to hire American companies to do the work.

People who think foreign aid is a waste, are pretty much right, since it is basically a way of subsidizing American companies. If we’re gonna do it, we should do it right, by giving it to ethical organizations to provide services overseas. We should also stop being such skinflints, and man up about the amounts. For Christ’s sake—Sweden spends almost one percent of GNI on foreign aid. That’s a spending rate five times greater than the US’s rate.

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I say we have Hollywood build a couple of fake Holy Land artifacts in an out of the way place in Utah, move the Israelis over here, and let the Arabs have the place. I don’t see the logic in living in a place where your neighbors want to see you dead.

With the Israelis gone, I wonder who the Arabs will have to piss and moan at then?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra lovely idea, though I’m not so sure the people of Utah would like Israeli tanks shooting their children on their way to school. But it would at least bring peace to the Middle East (if not Utah).

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Well, at least then the coffee shops and buses will be safe in The Land Formerly Known as Israel. Yes, the schools in Palestine really teach wonderful things.

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I’m for world peace and against the neverending animosity between Palestine and Israel. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen two countries as bellicose as these are. If a two-state solution and partitioning of the Holy Land ends the distasteful activities of both of these countries, then all other considerations are mostly negligible at this point.

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@Jack79, unless the state of Utah is full of Arab suicide bombers and mortar launching Palestinians, I don’t think the Israeli tanks are going to be a problem. Besides, we’ll add them to the US arsenal and transport them to Afghanistan.

I’m betting the Israeli military would love to kick some Afghan butt!

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I’m for a one-state solution. The only way a two-state solution could be viable or just is if the Israelis give the Palestinians back some land. Otherwise, they have no means of assemblying a functioning state. A one-state solution, with Arabs granted full citezinship alongside Jews in Israel-Palestine can work. Trouble is, the Arab population grows so much faster than the Israeli one, that Israel would never risk losing status as a “Jewish homeland.” Talk about a true democracy. And, to be honest, I don’t believe religion/holy books have anything to do with it. If anything, its racism.
@evelyns_pet_zebra, I lurved your comment BEFORE I saw how ignorant it was…oops

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@eupatorium you are entitled to your opinion, and if you feel the need to call my comment ignorant, more power to you. I won’t assume you are an idiot simply because you disagree with my views. I’ll wait and see if you turn out to be an idiot later on after I’ve gotten to know your answers. no oops needed.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra: “I wonder who the Arabs will have to piss and moan at then?” That’s not ignorant at all. Neither is calling someone an idiot for calling you out.

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The two-state solution is the best solution there is. Do you know Obama’s Cairo speech?

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