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Does the finish on your end table have to match the finish on your coffee table?

Asked by Jude (32112points) June 4th, 2009

My coffee table has a darker walnut finish and the end table that I want to get has a lighter walnut finish. Does the difference matter? Do you think that they’ll work together?

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I think different finishes are nice, as long as the pieces look good together. I’ve never been a fan of the whole “matchy matchy” look. I think it’s more stylish to mix.

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It’s possible. It could be eclectic or it could be college-dorm. You’ll know if it works or not once you get it in there. (Can you return it or use it somewhere else if it doesn’t?)

Looking around my living room… my entertainment center, tables, chair, sofa and buffet all have different finishes and it looks fine so it is definitely possible.

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…just as long as the carpet matches the curtains, i’m happy.

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Nope. I like different but complimentary furniture.

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Living rooms don’t have to match, bedrooms do (for me, anyways)

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I don’t think so, but my living room is (family room) is pretty eclectic. I don’t do the perfectly matchy-matchy thing. It drives me insane.

@casheroo – funny….I’m looking around my bedroom the furniture is all from the same grouping…I think it’s the only room that does really match!

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I have assorted things from all over, I love the eclectic look and I think they all blend together nicely to create a comfortable whole that makes me feel safe and at home and happy.

That is the most important thing, it is like the art on the wall, it only has to make YOU happy and at home

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@cak I’ve noticed when it comes to decorating a bedroom, you do it all at once, so it all tends to match. Living rooms seem to be things collected over the years, the comfiest of furniture!

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If you are an OCD sufferer, then yes. Otherwise it is whatever looks good. If two near identically finished items are adjacent to each other then the difference might stand out, if they a slightly separated then not many would notice. A difference in style would be more noticable than in finish. Queen Anne with Danish modern might jar a little.

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Make sure it doesn’t look like carbon fiber on fluorescent green like those wannabe 2f2f teenmobiles.

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I don’t think it matters. If a room looks good, it looks good. You don’t want your house to look like a furniture store, where everything’s all matchy-matchy and impersonal.

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It depends on who is making the “decor” rules. If you need to impress some stranger, and he thinks they must match, they must match. If it is only you and visiting family, they will go with what you like. If anyone complains, cover the ‘wrong’ one with a table cloth.

I once had a husband who said I couldn’t have a reading chair and floor lamp in front of the bookcase, because it didn’t look right. When I asked him “Who is looking?” he let me put my chair where I wanted it.

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The only time I would worry about matching wood finishes would be if you have a lot of wood pieces that all match exactly and wanted to bring in just one piece with a different finish.

I like to vary wood finishes and add in painted finishes, too. I think you’ll be fine.

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Actually, I have had both Queen Anne and Danish pieces in the same room, and I thought they matched quite well. However, they were the same scale no neither overpowered the other.

When you opt for an eclectic decor you still need to tie the room together somehow. The simplest method is by the colors of paint and fabric. Also, the furniture should be in generally the same or similar scale. Otherwise the room will feel lopsided, with a giant piece of something on one side of the room and delicate “fairy furniture” on the other.

Wood shades or types do not have to match, unless as @augustlan says, everything matches except for one piece.

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Of course it doesn’t matter. What, are the Furniture Nazis going to rush into your house and give you a huge fine for your abomination and disgrace to humanity because your tables aren’t exactly matched? Are you stacking the end table on top of the dining room table? Then what does it matter!! As long as you are happy, it’s correct.

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@dynamicduo I just wondered how they would look together (before I went ahead and purchased the $350 end table), is all.

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Everyone has their own opinions though, so why does it really matter? Whose opinion would be so powerful as to dissuade you from your desire? The point I’m trying to convey is so long as you are happy that’s all that matters, cause it’s guaranteed that your happiness implies someone else’s unhappiness in your choice (ie, someone, at least one person, in the world would judge you harshly for having mismatched tables).

Edit: That said, I’m not dissing you for seeking an opinion.

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In my opinion, furniture that all matches perfectly looks commercial. I don’t want my living room to say, “I can afford Thomasville.” I want it to say, “I am inspired, and this is what inspires me.” When you go in the forest, do the different colors of wood look out of place? Of course not. Mix and march things that give your home a feel that expresses you. If you can bring something in for a day and see if you like how it feels, that’s even better.

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Trying to decide between this one (in the chocolate) and this one. The first being cheaper than the second. Which one would you go with?

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@jmah I love the first one, the step table. I would get that for my house if I needed on.

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The second one is 3.5 ” taller than the first one. Hold a tape measure up where you plan to put it to see if that helps you make up your mind.

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Geez, I like ‘em both. I suspect the second one would fit into my decor better, but the first one is very nice. You could even go a step further than @Judi‘s suggestion and make a couple of paper mock ups so you can “see” each choice in place. One should be a top view and the other should be a side view.

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I like the first, what did you get?

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I ended up getting the first one (my profile @ Kaboodle).

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Thanks for the update

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