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Unlike other 'food' products, why doesn't toothpaste have a 'best by' date?

Asked by Lalalime (95points) June 4th, 2009 from iPhone

I think some of this stuff could be on the shelves for years. Perhaps that’s why a friend recommends it for filling nailholes in walls.

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It’s not like the chemicals in toothpaste are going to decompose over time. It’s just fluoride and flavoring and breath-fresheners.

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Um, you know you’re not supposed to eat it, right?

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Toothpaste isn’t food.

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Is toothpaste considered a food product? Where is a link categorizing it as a food product?

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@cak Well, I guess it can, if we broaden the definition of “food product” to “things you put in your mouth”.

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I just checked. My Colgate toothpaste does have an expiration date: Nov 09. It’s on the box, not the tube. Pressed into the cardboard, not printed. I didn’t see a date on the President box or tube, but it’s possible that I overlooked it.

My mouthwash also has a ‘best by’ date.

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@bob- According to my husband, that means something attached to him is a food product, as well. I think we need to tighten the definition a bit. ;~)

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The chemicals and preservatives in regular toothpaste will basically last until it is so dried up that you can’t squeeze it out of the tube. Natural toothpastes, made with edible, safer and natural ingredients usually DO have a “best by” date.

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@cak Yeah, I thought of that, too. Hehehehe…

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@bob you men! I swear…you all think alike! :)

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@cak Yeah, well, sometimes the other head does the thinking ;)

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Every tube and tin of toothpaste in my house and a few other peoples has BB dates or expiry dates .
Wouldn’t it be the case that toothpaste is more of a drink , as you brush you produce foam and drink some of it by mistake .

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It does have an expiration date.

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